Monday, April 11, 2011

Things that I like

I like candy,
I like movies,
I like food,
I like my family,
I like takeing things apart.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

our Halloween.

Every Halloween we go to our church harvest carnival. You can get your picture taken and get
your own dinner. There are lots of rides to earn candy. There are stands for popcorn and cottoncandy. It is lots of fun.
Our family picture at the harvest carnival.

Me in my Halloween costume.


One day me and Kivi went to see Nonnie and Poppie.We swam in their pool and had lots of fun. On the day mama and dada said it was time to go so we said goodbye to Nonnie and Poppie.
But then we figured out we were not going home! We were going to Disneyland! We almost went on all the rides. We had lots of fun.

Us with micky mouse.

Us in front of it's a small world.

1000 trails

When my family goes camping we go to 1000 trails. They have a outdoor pool and 1000 trails!
It is also a great place to ride bikes.

swiming in the shallow kitty pool.

us and our camp site

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Embassy sweets hotel

Every thanks giving my family goes to the embassy sweets hotel. They have a big pool and the best meals. We always sleep on level 4 room 425. It is the best hotel ever.

Us watching a movie in bed.

Us swiming in the pool.

My wish list

I wish I could have my own laptop ,
I wish Berg could walk,
I wish I had 100 kids in my family,
I wish I could fly.

Blog introduction

Hello I am Eben and this is my blog. I love taking things apart. I just started on a tv. I have taken
apart a vcr, razor, microwave, lightup toothbrush, and phone. Come back to my blog for wishes, adventures of life and more.