Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My 10th Birthday

For my 10th birthday I had a minecraft party.

Mama turned lots of mountain dew into creeper juice.

We had grass block cake and licorice TNT.

We got to use the computer room at intel to play minecraft!

I had lots of fun.

After Mr. Schock fixed it I got to use the big computer!

I made little clay figures to go with the blocks.

I invited lots on people.

We played a game where all the teams had to do special things. One of them was to make three baskets.

I was the defender of my team.

On the diamond ore team, Alisa was there defender.

At the very end of the game you had to write my name in minecraft.

The flowstone team somehow spelled my name with hay stacks.

We all had different blocks for our teams. Jasper and Dada's team was wood planks.

My friends Trevor and Alisa were on diamond ore team.

I was on birch wood team.

and mostly all the girls were on glowstone.

My cake/rice crispy treat  was really yummy. 

We all had to break the block to get some.

Mama made a really cool sign.

It was the best birthday party ever.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


I have an imaginary rival. His name is Sam. We are always in contests together. I always win them. Sam doesn't like that. A couple years ago Sam joined forces with my imaginary super rival. His nephews, John, Sam And Boom are very fast. We always have our contests in a office building. All the desks always have buckets of candy on them. When I win, I get every single bucket of candy. And did I tell you that my super rival has an onion head? I am always caught day dreaming about me Sam and the guy with the onion head. I also have a stuffed monkey named Sam. He and Jaspers monkey named Steve go on lots of adventures. Jasper and I usually make special Tinkertoy houses for them. I seem to really like the name Sam.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My music

I love music a lot. I can not go anywhere without sing or humming. I just recently started singing opera. I think everyone I know has heard me singing or humming at least twice. I am the best singer in the family. One of the reasons I hum so much is because Mama is playing music on the computer all the time. Another reason is that whenever we go to the shocks house me jasper and my friend Nathaniel always listen to pandora. I want to learn how to play the piano. Dada said we could get a keyboard so I can learn how. He said we would hook it up to the computer and the computer would teach me how to play. I also want to play the drums but Mama and Dada said it would be to loud. We went to a music shop last month. There, a guy showed us lots of piano books. he also played the guitar for us. Kivi wants to learn how to play the guitar. She has already learned a lot.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Adventures in odyssey

I love Adventures in Odyssey. I listen to it when ever I do my job. My favorite character is Wooten. My aunt Buggy has listened to every single one. All the characters I can remember are Whit, Connie, Eugene, Tom Riley, Wooten, Harlow Doyle, Richard Maxwell, Edwin Blackard, Jimmy Barkly, Dona Barkly, Robin Jacobs, Melanie Jacobs, Kurt, Lucy Sholts, Oscar, Nathaniel, Alex, Monty, Sarah, Liz, Aubrey, Jared, Mandie and thats all I can remember. Whit owns a shop called Whits End. Connie works at Whits End and loves mysteries and surprises. Eugene works at Whits end and loves computers. Tom Riley owns a farm and has a horse named Rachel. Wooten loves toys and is a mailman. Harlow Doyle is a Really funny privet eye. Richard Maxwell loves computers and doesn't really like Eugene. Edwin Blackard is the main bad guy. Jimmy Barkly likes to annoy his sister Donna. Donna Barkly loves to talk on the phone and go to the mall. Robin Jacobs Loves mystery and Hanging out with her friend Jessie. Melanie is Robins little sister. I would tell you the rest but that would take to long.