Monday, July 28, 2014

Our trip to the farm.

Last weekend we went to a dairy farm. We slept in tents in our friends, the Vanderpol's Uncle's backyard. It was lots of fun. We got to see a baby cow get born. It took a really long time. Then we discovered little non-synthetic stairs that led to the top of a big brick. The big brick had a wooden wall on the back of it. We figured out that if you swing around the side of the wall that you would end up in a little room. Then you could swing around two more walls and be in a cool long hall way. Then we decided to make it our secret hideout. Then we figured out that the secret hideout was actually a loading port for the cows. But it hardly ever got used so we were allowed to play on it.  Then we took a walk around the building where all of the pregnant cows were. Then Mama called us over. We went over and the baby cow was born! It was a very fun weekend.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Minecraft instructions 5

This time is will tell you how to make an ender chest and how to find and activate an ender portal.

#1.) Getting the ender pearl. The first thing you will need is to get an ender pearl. To get one you have to kill and enderman. Once you have killed it, it will drop and ender pearl.

#2.) How to get blaze powder. I will make this short for you. If you kill a blaze, it will drop a blaze rod. put the blaze rod anywhere in your crafting space and you will have two blaze powder.

#3.) Making the eye of ender. To make the eye, first put one blaze powder on the left side of the middle row and put the ender pearl in the middle. You can also get them by trading with villagers. They will want about ten emeralds for one.

#4.) Making the ender chest. To make the ender chest put the eye of ender in the middle and surround it with obsidian. 

#5.)  How to get obsidian. Obsidian is anywhere, where water touches lava.

#6.) How to find an ender portal. To find an ender portal hold the eye of ender and right click. Then the eye will fly towards the nearest portal. It will leave a purple trail behind it for you to follow. When it is right above the portal, it will go straight down. When it does that, go to where the trail goes down and right there, dig down. Soon you will come to the portal.

#7.) Activating the portal. To activate the portal, put an eye of ender in each of the holes in the frame. That will activate the portal.

This is an ender portal chamber. This is what the eye of ender will lead to when held and right clicked.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Minecraft instructions 4

This is the fourth of July version of "minecraft instructions". I will teach you how to make many different kinds of fire works.

#1.) How to make a fire work star. (You will need them to make the different fireworks.) On the left side in the middle row put one gunpowder. In the middle put any dye. Instead of dye you can also use peppers, ink sacks, or cocoa beans. To change the shape of your firework you can put different things in the middle space of the bottom row. If you put a fire charge there, then your firework will be a big explosion. A gold nugget will make it star shaped. A feather will make it be a burst. And if you put any head there then your firework will look like a creeper head.

#2.) How to make the firework. First in the middle row on the left you put paper. Then in the middle you put gunpowder. That design will make a small explosion.

#3.) How to make the cooler explosions. To make better fireworks, put paper in the middle and gunpowder to the right of it. Then on the left of it put any of the firework stars you have made. (The color of your firework star will be the color of your firework.) The more gunpowder you put on the top and the bottom rows, the longer your firework will last.

#4.) How to add special effects to your firework. While crafting the firework star, put a diamond gem anywhere in your crafting area for a trail behind your firework when it shoots off. For a twinkle effect after your firework goes off, put glowstone dust anywhere in your crafting area while making your firework star.

This is the small explosion
This is the big explosion.

 This is the star shaped explosion.

 This is the burst explosion.

This is the creeper head explosion.

This is the trail behind the firework effect.

 This is the twinkle effect that will happen after the firework if you decide to put it in. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shiloh Bible Camp

Last week we went to Shiloh bible camp. It was really fun. I met a couple new friends. We stayed in a trailer outside our friends the DeyArmin's house. Mama packed everybody a lunch every day. I was in yellow team. I brought my wet suit instead of my swim suit because I thought the water was to cold in the pool. One pool time I decided to not go swimming at all and my grandma and grandpa came and I got to take them on a tour of camp instead of swimming. At chapel time we learned the entire bible in one week. We called it the journey through the bible. It went: Creation, fall, flood, Israel, law, judges, kings, prophets, Christ, pentecost, church, persecution, us, rapture, tribulation, eternity. I really liked the store. Unless we disobeyed, Mama gave us each a dollar every day. I brought my perplexus to the DeyArmin's house. They have one to. Their's is the original and I have the epic. While we were there we traded perplexusis.