Friday, September 23, 2016

Gary and Charles

Once upon a time, in a land called Endobaria lived a great prince named Charles the Second. Charles the Second's father was named Gary the Second, and he greatly envied his son because his name sounded way cooler and king-like. So Gary the Second came up with a sinister plot to get rid of Charles the Second forever. You see, Charles the Second really liked jello, so Gary the Second came to him one day, and told him all about jello land, a magical kingdom far far away, where everything was made of jello. But Charles the second of course, being as smart as he was, told his father everything he knew about pine cones, which wasn't very much actually, but since there were no pine cones in Endobaria, it seemed fascinating to Gary the Second, so he sat there and listened to him for the whole thirty seconds that Charles the Second was talking. Then Gary the Second went peacefully to bed. That night, Gary the Second came up with another sinister plan to rid Endobaria of Charles the Second forever. In the morning, Gary the second snuck out of his bed, and tip toed over to Charles the Second's room. There, right next to Charles the Second's bed, he took out his kazoo, and blew into it as hard as he could and shouted "Surprise!" and told him that it was his birthday, and that he was giving him a free trip to Disney World. But Charles the Second, being as smart as he was, knew that Disney World was on earth, which was a totally different planet, which was in a totally different solar system, which was in a totally different galaxy, which was in a totally different Universe. So Charles the Second said ok, and went over to his favorite closet to play checkers with his cat, Mary the Second, who couldn't actually play checkers, but moved around the pieces one at a time, so it was close enough. Gary the Second thought that Charles the Second had actually left, so he went to celebrate. He didn't actually do much celebrating, he just threw away his name plate on his throne that said 'Gary the Second' and put the one that said 'Charles the Second' on. Then of course, Charles the Second came out of the closet, and Gary the Second's plan was totally ruined. The End

Friday, September 9, 2016

A Brief Summary of How My Summer Went

When summer started, I was doing math. Then, when I finished my math, we were going to do more school. But as always, Mama totally forgot that she wanted to do school through the summer, and we had a summer! So we went to Seaside Oregon, and ate ice cream and rode our bikes. Then, I won a writing contest, and got a gift card at city hall.  Then, for fourth of July, we kayaked over to our friend's grandma's house and I got to launch off fireworks. Then, we went to summer camp at Black Lake Bible Camp. Then, we went to our church family reunion at Black lake Summer Camp. Then, we went camping for Kivi's birthday. Then, we went to Seaside again. And now, we have started school. The End.

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Not Factor

Grapes are better than not grapes. It's just a fact. Now, you may be wondering, "Wait, just what exactly are not grapes?" Well, not grapes are pretty much just like grapes. But not. An example of a not grape would be a taco. Just like an example of a not taco is a grape. Then again, an example of a not grape could also be nothing. So when you say, "Grapes are better than not grapes", you are not referring to every single not grape in existence, because lets say that you really like tater tot casserole, and really hate potato salad, and you say that grapes are better than not grapes. Not grapes are basically anything that aren't grapes, including tater tot casserole and potato salad. But that's ok, because when you say that grapes are better than not grapes, you are referring to only nothing, or potato salad, or any thing else that you don't like. And you can apply the not factor to anything. Not just grapes. You could say that lamps are better than not lamps, or that cheese is better than not cheese. So now you know about the not factor.

Friday, June 24, 2016


One day, there was a flish. The flish was a very smish flish, and it had a dish. On the dish, the flish served kish to pish. That same day, there was a pish. The pish was at the local mish, and it was being served kish from a flish. This particular flish was very rish. It served kish like a shish, and was nice to the pish. The pish liked the flish, so the pish gave the flish some zish. The flish liked the zish, so the flish liked the pish. The pish went to the flish and said nish. The flish went to the pish and said nish. The pish and the flish were yish.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

You are not a fish


You are not a fish.


No really, you are not.


Ok, seriously, you are NOT a fish.


You do realize that you are actually saying words right now, and a fish can't do that.


Fish can't talk.


Fish can't even type in all caps.


In fact, fish can't type at all.


Ok, I do not see AT ALL how you could be a fish.


Fish have flippers.


Fish have gills.


Fish have scales.


Fish aren't even humanoid.


No, you are not.





Monday, June 6, 2016

The Blob

One day there was a blob. The blob was yellow, and green, and red, and blue, and black, and pink. One day, the blob decided to go swimming. So it got in the water. The water was very cold. The blob got out of the water. The blob still wanted to go swimming though, so he went to a pool, and got in, but everyone at the pool was too scared of him, so he got out. Then he had an Idea. He went back to the lake, where he got into a kayak and rode out into the lake. Then the kayak tipped over, and the water was still very cold, so he decided to go to the zoo and look at giraffes instead. The End

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Strange pie man Meets the Crazy turkey from the Past who has been Brought to the Future by a Time Machine Made out of Nine Million Sixty Thousand One Hundred and Twenty Three Peanuts, Twenty Two Toasters, and Sixty Nine Giant Socks Woven Together By an Ancient wizard Who can Harness the Powers of the Sun At Will

One day, the Strange pie man was walking down the sidewalk, (like most characters in these types of stories do), when suddenly, there was a big flash of light! The Strange pie man let out a scream. "IT'S A TIME MACHINE!!!!!!!" He yelled. But it turned out, that it wasn't actually a time machine, and it was just a big flash of light. So the Strange pie man kept walking down the sidewalk. He had been walking for about half an hour, when suddenly, there was a big flash of light! The Strange pie man let out a sigh. "Oh great, another big flash of light." he said. And he kept walking. Unfortunately, he could not continue his walk, because as soon as he started walking, he ran into a time machine. The Strange pie man let out a yelp. "IT'S A GIANT TOASTER!!!!!" he yelled. But then, out of the giant toaster, came the Strange pie man's friend, the Crazy turkey! The Strange pie man was happy to see him. "Crazy turkey!" he said, "I haven't seen you since you fired that first shot at the revolutionary war, then threw sally into the ocean! What happened to her anyway?"
"Oh, Sally got saved by a seagull after swallowing some seawater, and sinking in a submarine made of salt." said the Crazy turkey.
"Oh yeah!" said the Strange pie man. "That sounds like Sally! So how did you get here to the future?"
"Oh, I met this Ancient wizard who was having a garage sale, so I bought 9,060,123 peanuts, 22 toasters, and nine giant socks, that he had made himself, and a book." said the Crazy turkey. "I went home to read my book, and inside, it had instructions to make a time machine! And it just so happened that the time machine recipe called for exactly 9,060,123 peanuts, 22 toasters, and nine giant socks woven together by an Ancient wizard. So I put it together. Then the book said to take it to the nearest Ancient wizard you know, to make it work. So I took my time machine to the Ancient wizard, and he took out a glowing orange circle with some pictures and writing engraved into it, and put it in one of the toasters. Then he pushed down the toaster lever, and we had to wait a few minutes for it to toast. Then, it finally popped out, and the Ancient wizard left. So I got into my time machine and appeared here."
"Oh, okay!" said the Strange pie man.
So the two walked away together, still good friends. (Not that there was anything wrong with there friendship in the first place.)

The End

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Great Armadillo Catcher of the Northern Desert in South Denver in Conneticut

One day, the Great Armadillo Catcher was walking through the jungles of central Nevada, when suddenly, an armadillo rushed past his feet. He chased after it, swinging on vines, jumping on rocks, and running through the sand. He chased after the armadillo for days, never stopping for a break. He chased it through Utah, up into the very corner of Colorado, and into Wyoming. He chased it to Nebraska, running along the border of South Dakota. He followed the armadillo through Iowa. He cut into Wisconsin, just missing Illinois, then made a curve upward, right through Lake Michigan. He went strait through the center of Michigan, just catching the tail of Lake Huron. He got out his passport, and passed through Ontario, coming back into the states right through Lake Ontario. Went from New York strait into Massachusetts, and from there, he went into South Denver, Conneticut. He ran through the streets of South Denver, looking for the armadillo. He headed towards Denver Desert, where he ran all the way to the northern side, where he found the armadillo. So he caught it, sailed on his ship around Florida, through the Bahamas, and into Texas, where he ran back to his house in New Mexico, and put it in his zoo. And no, just because he ran all that way, does not mean that he is Captain America.

The Jouney to the the Great Pandamonium of Life

Once upon a time, there was a small kleep named George. George had a wonderful idea. He was going to go on a quest to the Pandamonium of life. So after carefully packing all of his things into his flaff, he set out on his great adventure. In the great dark flimpzel, he ran into a little plink named Shtataflataminkyponkeyratoosy (Sht-ata-flata-minky-ponkey-rat-oosy). George and Shtataflataminkyponkeyratoosy instantly became friends. So they traveled together. "Flooky roky toky flaminkioky taky waky patroosa?" Shtataflataminkyponkeyratoosy asked George. "Where am I going?", asked George, " I am going to the Pandamonium of life!" "Flisty tody pogo kay!" said Shtataflataminkyponkeyratoosy. So the two of them set off to find the Pandamonium of life! At the rocky hills, they met a mole name Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve. He showed them what direction they had to go to get to the Pandamonium. Then they passed Earth Land. There, they met a man named Wolfe­schlegel­stein­hausen­berger­dorff­welche­vor­altern­waren­gewissen­haft­schafers­wessen­schafe­waren­wohl­gepflege­und­sorg­faltig­keit­be­schutzen­vor­an­greifen­durch­ihr­raub­gierig­feinde­welche­vor­altern­zwolf­hundert­tausend­jah­res­voran­die­er­scheinen­von­der­erste­erde­mensch­der­raum­schiff­genacht­mit­tung­stein­und­sieben­iridium­elek­trisch­motors­ge­brauch­licht­als­sein­ur­sprung­von­kraft­ge­start­sein­lange­fahrt­hin­zwischen­stern­artig­raum­auf­der­suchen­nach­bar­schaft­der­stern­welche­ge­habt­be­wohn­bar­planeten­kreise­drehen­sich­und­wo­hin­der­neue­rasse­von­ver­stand­ig­mensch­lich­keit­konnte­fort­pflanzen­und­sicher­freuen­an­lebens­lang­lich­freude­und­ru­he­mit­nicht­ein­furcht­vor­an­greifen­vor­anderer­intelligent­ge­schopfs­von­hin­zwischen­stern­art­ig­raum, who told them that they were almost to the Pandamonium, and they only had twenty feet left to go. So then after about thirty more seconds of travel, they finally got to the Pandamonium of life, which had apparently been turned into an all you can eat buffet since the last time George saw it. So they had some lunch, said thanks to Wolfe­schlegel­stein­hausen­berger­dorff­welche­vor­altern­waren­gewissen­haft­schafers­wessen­schafe­waren­wohl­gepflege­und­sorg­faltig­keit­be­schutzen­vor­an­greifen­durch­ihr­raub­gierig­feinde­welche­vor­altern­zwolf­hundert­tausend­jah­res­voran­die­er­scheinen­von­der­erste­erde­mensch­der­raum­schiff­genacht­mit­tung­stein­und­sieben­iridium­elek­trisch­motors­ge­brauch­licht­als­sein­ur­sprung­von­kraft­ge­start­sein­lange­fahrt­hin­zwischen­stern­artig­raum­auf­der­suchen­nach­bar­schaft­der­stern­welche­ge­habt­be­wohn­bar­planeten­kreise­drehen­sich­und­wo­hin­der­neue­rasse­von­ver­stand­ig­mensch­lich­keit­konnte­fort­pflanzen­und­sicher­freuen­an­lebens­lang­lich­freude­und­ru­he­mit­nicht­ein­furcht­vor­an­greifen­vor­anderer­intelligent­ge­schopfs­von­hin­zwischen­stern­art­ig­raum, and went back to there homes. The End.

(And yes, Wolfe­schlegel­stein­hausen­berger­dorff­welche­vor­altern­waren­gewissen­haft­schafers­wessen­schafe­waren­wohl­gepflege­und­sorg­faltig­keit­be­schutzen­vor­an­greifen­durch­ihr­raub­gierig­feinde­welche­vor­altern­zwolf­hundert­tausend­jah­res­voran­die­er­scheinen­von­der­erste­erde­mensch­der­raum­schiff­genacht­mit­tung­stein­und­sieben­iridium­elek­trisch­motors­ge­brauch­licht­als­sein­ur­sprung­von­kraft­ge­start­sein­lange­fahrt­hin­zwischen­stern­artig­raum­auf­der­suchen­nach­bar­schaft­der­stern­welche­ge­habt­be­wohn­bar­planeten­kreise­drehen­sich­und­wo­hin­der­neue­rasse­von­ver­stand­ig­mensch­lich­keit­konnte­fort­pflanzen­und­sicher­freuen­an­lebens­lang­lich­freude­und­ru­he­mit­nicht­ein­furcht­vor­an­greifen­vor­anderer­intelligent­ge­schopfs­von­hin­zwischen­stern­art­ig­raum is a real name. If you don't believe me, go here.)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Adventures of Ham-man and Ebenthefrog

One day, Ham-man and Ebenthefrog were just strolling down the sidewalk, looking for some bad guys to fight and some mysteries to solve, when suddendly... Bam! Mam! Smam! Tam! A giant horse appeared in the sky above them! Ham-man and Ebenthefrog tried to run away, but the horse was really really fast! It charged at them, and started smashing buildings! Then, Ham-man had an idea. He whispered his idea into Ebenthefrog's ear so that the horse wouldn't hear, and started. Ebenthefrog climbed up the horse's leg, got onto his back, and started poking him with his finger, and reciting the formulas for lots of different areas and perimeters, and solving simple alegbra problems. While the horse was distracted, Ham-man got a dump truck full of dirt, and dumped all over the ground around the horses hooves. Then, he hoed down all of the dirt, planted seeds, in it and grew tons of wheat, entangling the horses hooves in all of the wheat grass. Then, while the horse was trying to get out of the wheat grass, and being tortured by all of the poking and complicated math from Ebenthefrog, Ham-man pulled out his famous leather hat, and pulled it over the horse's head. Then Eben the frog teleported the horse away. The End

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Clock

Once upon a time, there was a young boy. The young boy's name was Liff. One day, Liff was just walking down the street, when he tripped. Then, he went flying. Then he fell. And he fell and fell and fell and fell and fell until he hit the ground. Thankfully, he landed in a big truck full of wet cement. Unthankfully, as soon as he fell, the cement hardened. So then he was stuck. But Liff new that he could get out, because he always kept a hammer in his shirt pocket. So he hammered himself out, got out of the truck, and continued walking down the street. Then, a giant dorito fell out of the sky and crushed his sandwich. So he picked up the dorito to have later for lunch. Then, as he was going back home, he looked to see what he had tripped on. It was a clock. A clock made out of tacos.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gilbert and Horny

Once upon a time, there were two people. The two people were named Gilbert and Horny. Gilbert liked to ride his bike. Horny liked to drive his car. One day, Gilbert decided that he was going to go on a trip to Stanalualua. So Gilbert packed up his stuff, put it on his bike, and went. He had been gone for about three days, when Horny decided to go and check on him. So Horny packed up his stuff, put it in his car, and drove off to Stanalualua. When he got there, he started looking for Gilbert. Everybody who knew him, said that he was staying at the handcuff inn. So Horny went to the handcuff inn, and there, in his room was Gilbert, handcuffed to his bed. So Horny uncuffed Gilbert, and they both left the handcuff inn. Then they went to the market, and grabbed some chocolate potstickers, and some doughnuts. Then, they both left Stanalualua in Horny's car, because Gilbert's bike had been stolen. The End

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Captain's Log

Captain's Log, April 15, 1912, 11:30 pm - Today marks our 310 day aboard the RMS Titanic. It has been a long and peaceful voyage, and at the moment, we are passing some beautiful ice bergs. The breakfast kitchens have just opened, and I have retreated to the main deck to enjoy the beautiful ocean view with my morning coffee.  - 11:48 pm - I am being called up to the wheel to consult a problem. It appears that we are approaching a large ice berg that we cannot avoid. No worries though, for this is the RMS Titanic, the ship unsinkable. I am now putting on full power to the engines. We will break strait through that ice berg like it's nothing! Here we go, we are almost there... closer, closer, and... Ahhh! Oh my goodness! The hull is badly damaged and we are sinking, I repeat, the unsinkable is sinking! Kshhhht- Everyone remain calm. Please report to the main decks and load up into the life boats. Woman and Children first please, woman and children first. Kshhhht- Well, I should get in to a lifeboat, because this thing is going down. This is Captain Edward Smith, Signing out.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Minecraft Instructions 12

When ever I go to computer clubhouse, after all of the badge earning and makerfest stuff, we play minecraft edu. While everybody else is building little hidey holes, and tiny little huts, our teacher builds these huge mansions, with elaborate and beautiful gardens, pools, water falls, and hidden grottos. I am always so jealous of how beautiful her houses are, and now I am going to tell you how to make the things you will need if you want a house like that.

#1 The most important thing you will need, and also one of the most important substances in minecraft: Wood Planks. It really is very simple to make them. After chopping down a tree, you take the wood, and put it in your crafting space. Boom, wood planks.

#2 If you want to make a beautiful garden or pool, then what better to make the floor out of than fancy gray bricks. To make them, first go mining for some stone. Then cook the cobblestone in your furnace to make just plain stone. Then in your crafting table, or just your plain old inventory crafting space, make a 2x2 square out of stone, and Ta da! Four stone bricks!

#3 Want to keep animals in their pens? Want to keep burglars out of your property? Want a protective yet fashionable wall around your garden? Try fences! To make them, first put one wood plank in the middle of the middle row on your crafting table. Then put another wood plank in the middle of the bottom row. That is how you make a stick. Do this a number of times before you continue. Now, fill the entire middle row and the entire bottom row with sticks. You now have two fences! You might want to do that a couple times, so that you have enough fence to surround your whole property.

#4 You can not jump over fences, so how are you going to get into a closed of space? The answer: A fence gate. It acts just like a door, but it is only one block tall, and looks like it is part of the fence. To craft it, put wood planks in the middle squares of both the middle and bottom rows of your crafting table. Then on the left and right sides of the middle and bottom rows, put sticks. Voila! A wonderful fence gate is at your disposal!

#5 Now, finding a pool that is exactly the shape and size that you want it is kind of hard to do. So why not build the pool first, and then put the water in later? Introducing the bucket! With this handy tool, you can get some water from a natural water source, and then carry it over to your pool and quickly fill it up! To make it, put one iron ingot in the middle of the bottom row in your crafting table. Then, put one iron ingot on the left side of the middle row, and one on the right side of the middle row. Prepare to carry some water, 'cause you got a bucket!

Well, that's all you really need to make a beautiful home! Now, the rest is up to your imagination! Have fun!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Once upon a time, a boy decided to make a cake. The boy got out the flour, the boy got out the eggs. The boy got out the sugar, the boy started to make. He poured the flour in the pot, the eggs and sugar too. He mixed it up, till it was done, but he needed something new! He got the chocolate, he got the salt, he got the potato salad. He dumped the ingredients into the pot, and for luck, he added a mallet. A radish, some leaves, some black pepper cheese, all into the pot they went. He thought it was done, but he wanted some fun, so he added his pet cat named Kent. The batter was done, and he had had some fun, even more than when he climbed trees. In the oven it went, even poor little Kent, at four hundred and ninety degrees. Two hours later, after playing alligator, the boy went to take out his cake. He cut out a slice, and said, "this will suffice." but a second bite,  he did not take.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

This year on easter, we had lots of fun. At church, we all wore matching clothes. My pants did not fit. Grandma and Grandpa came to church with us. I was up in the tech booth. I really wanted Jasper to come up into the booth with me and stay for service, but the night before we had all gone to the service, and there was no kids church on Good Friday, so Jasper had to come with us. The thing was, that they had chosen all of the most slowest songs ever, and let's just say that the speaker wasn't very intriguing either. So at Easter service, they had chosen some of the best songs ever that they hadn't played in a really long time, so when I tried to get Jasper to go with me, he wouldn't budge, because of his experience on Friday. Anyways, after church, we all went back to our house to celebrate Easter with all of our cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents and nonnies and poppies. So at first, me Jasper, Berg, and our cousin Ian, just played Mario Smash Bros. in the basement. Then, after lunch, We all did the egg hunt. Ian found the silver egg, and got a gigantic chocolate bunny. Then, after a bit more smash bros, we did the easter basket hunt. We found them, and we had gotten two new touchscreen windows laptops! It was awesome! After that, we did the other easter basket, and Mama had unknowingly gotten me my favorite game, Fluxx! Then, on Monday, after five or six weeks of trying, we finally earned a sphero! Today, I woke up at 5:13, to finish my school so that I can play with it.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Man

Once upon a time, there was a man. The man owned a farm. The man like his farm. One day, the man left his house. The man got into his car. The man went to a store. The man bought some seeds. The man left the store. The man went back to his farm. The man got out of his car. The man walked to his field. The man planted the seeds. The man went to his house. The man took of his boots. The man ran to his room. The man got into his jammies. The man climbed into his bed. The man set his alarm to 12:00. The man turned on his alarm. The man fell asleep. The man stayed asleep. The man's alarm went off. The man woke up. The man looked at his clock. The man saw that is was 12:00. The man got out of bed. The man yawned. The man got dressed. The man ran out of his room. The man put on his boots. The man left his house. The man walked to his field. The man looked at where he had planted his seeds. There were muffins growing. The man left his field. The man got in his car. The man drove to the store. The man got a cart. The man bought some butter. The man bought some jam. The man bought some plates. The man bought some forks. The man bought some spoons. The man bought some knives. The man bought a table. The man bought some chairs. The man bought some paint. The man bought a paint brush. The man bought some sand paper. The man left the store. The man put his stuff in the car. The man walked over to the cart place. The man put his cart in the cart place. The man walked back to his car. The man got into his car. The man drove to his farm. The man took his stuff inside. The man set up the table. The man sanded down the table. The man painted the table. The man set up the chairs. The man stocked his cupboards. The man got a basket. The man left his house. The man walked to his fields. The man picked the muffins. The man put the muffins in his basket. The man walked back to his house. The man took off his boots. The man got out the jam. The man got out the butter. The man got out a plate. The man buttered a muffin. The man put on some jam. The man put it on a plate. The man ate the muffin. The man washed the plate. The man put away the plate. The man put away the butter. The man put away the jam. The man put away the muffins. The man sat in his chair. The man was bored. The man saw his sphero. The man got it out. The man started playing. The man had fun.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sphero Accessories

Today, I will tell you about different accessories for Sphero Robotic Ball.

1. Nubby Cover      The Nubby Cover is a protective cover that you put on the Sphero that not only         protects it from scratches, but also gives it much better traction in the water.

2. Turbo Cover       The Turbo Cover is almost the same as the Nubby Cover, but instead of giving it       better traction on the water, it will give it better traction on carpet, rocky terrain, and other rough         settings, while also making it a bit faster on flat surfaces.

3. Chariot                The Sphero Chariot is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is a chariot that       is pulled by a Sphero. In replacement of the harness for horses in front, there is an upside down           bowl in the front that you put Sphero in. The best part about it, is that it is compatible with legos,         so you could build a claw onto it, you could put a little mini figure on it, or you could make a               holder for your camera or phone! The possibilities are endless!

3. Terrain Park        The Sphero Terrain Park is one of my favorite accessories. It comes with two           rails, and two interlocking ramps. You can combine all of these things into lots of different jumps       and ramps for sphero. You can put the ramps across from each other and put the rails in between to     connect them, you can put the two ramps together with out the rails to make a hill jump, you can         turn the hill upside down, to make a see-saw ramp! The possibilities are again endless!

4. Jump Ramps        The Sphero Jump Ramps are pretty much the same thing as the Terrain Park,           except instead of just two ramps and a pair of rails, there are four ramps that can interlock with           each other. you can do a super long ramp, you can do a wave, you can do multiple see-saws, and         pretty much anything that pops into your head!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about these products. You can purchase them at Just remember that I only listed the accessories for the Sphero, and not the Ollie. And no, I do not work for Sphero.


We are trying to get a new toy. It is called a sphero. It is really awesome, and probably one of the best toys ever invented. A sphero is a waterproof robotic ball that you control with your smart phone or tablet. It can change to millions of different colors, and has lots of different apps that you can download for it. For some of it's games, sphero uses augmented reality, like in the game, the Rolling Dead, where animated zombies are popping up around your house, and trying to attack sphero. While looking at you smart device, and rolling sphero around, trying to get the zombies with fire balls, sphero will be actually rolling around on the floor of your house, fighting invisible zombies! The main sphero app is also really fun. When you first get your sphero and hook it up to your device, it will only be able to go at the slowest speed, and have not that many colors that you can change it to. But as you play games with it, and go on missions, you can unlock cores. With cores, you can unlock new speeds and colors and boosts. Sphero has lots of accessories that you can put on it. The nubby cover gives your sphero more traction in the water, and also makes it more all terrain, so that you can take it outside. The turbo cover, well, as you may have guessed, makes it faster and more agile. The sphero chariot is pretty much just a chariot that is sphero powered. You just put the sphero in a little pocket in front, and off you go! Now, if it was just a chariot, it would eventually get pretty boring. But this chariot is compatible with legos! You can just build on attachments for it, like maybe spikes on the wheels, or a little guy to drive it! And lastly, if you have access to a 3D printer, their are tons of accessories that you can 3D print, on Thingiverse. There are also a couple of multiplayer games that your whole family can play with only one sphero. One of the best ones is called color grab. Your smart device will tell you a color that the sphero will flash. The sphero will start spinning around and flashing different colors. When the sphero is the color that it says on the smart device, you have to grab the sphero as fast as you can. I think that sphero is very fun and everyone should get one.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Soup and Taco's

Soup and Taco's. That is what we have been having for dinner for the past month. And I am not getting tired of it, like you would think. I think that it is very delicious. I even had a normal taco once, instead of a taco salad! I really love taco salad. I think that it is very delicious. But, if we go out to a restaurant, then I will normally get a normal taco. Well, when we are at Jack in the Box, I get a normal taco, because they have the best taco's ever. But if we go to Taco Bell, then I usually get a Crunch Wrap Supreme, which is kind of like a taco and a taco salad all mixed into one thing, but with nacho cheese mixed in with the meat, and it is like, the best thing ever.

This is what it looks like, but when you get it, the two half's are put together, so it is more like a circle. It kind of looks like a quesadilla, but it is not. 

We have been having lots of soup too, and my favorite, is Dada's turkey and vegetable soup that he makes. It is really good! It has carrots and turkey, and pea's, and other things that I can't remember, and we all love it. The only restaurant that I ever get soup at, is the Old Spaghetti Factory. They make some really good soup, but it is not as good as Dada's soup.

And now for the grand finally... Mama's Taco soup! It is a mix of soup and taco's! And it is really good. It has all the things that a taco would, and more! And you can even put tortilla chips on it! It is not as good as Dada's turkey soup, but it is still really good!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It was a daaaark and scaaaaaary cave. And Nooo one was eeeeever sleeping. And there was a MONSTER! And it ATE ME!

Take 250 pieces of green paper. Cut up each piece into fourths. Repeat the following instructions for each forth piece of paper: Fold up the bottom about one half inch. Fold the paper into thirds. Slide the bottom of one half into the part that you folded up on the other half. Take each half at the top, and fold diagonally to the side. Fold top down. Draw face with black sharpie.


The enchiladas are coming. The enchiladas are coming. The enchiladas are coming!

I like Pie. I told you I was a genius! Corned Bread, Oh yeaaaah. When I am at high altitudes, my ears pop. Yours do too. It is all true. But they will not turn blue. But they might. You never know. I'm just say'in. If your ears turn blue, then that means that they are either really cold, or that they are changing colors. Or both. Word.

That was my attempt at a rap. Pretty awesome huh?

The sky is blue. And I like the color purple. Our chairs are comfy. Typo. Did you catch it? Probably not, because before you read this, and before I even posted this post, I fixed it. So yeah. Take that typo. You been deleted. Oh yeah. Poof. Gone with the wind. Killed. De-pixelated. Termenated. All of the ateds. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Great Moon of the Day that Started the Best Insta-production Ever Made in the World At This Time

Today, I am going to tell you about insta-productions, and how they got started. (of course, you probably already figured that out from the title.) A man by a name that no one could ever remember, made the first insta-production. An insta-production, is a type of movie, that you can make in a very short time. The very first insta-production, flying raisins, was considered the best insta-production ever made. Now, one day this un-named man, was walking through the night, when he happened to look up at the sky. Well, on that particular night, there was a full moon out, which was, at the time called a great moon. So, he was looking up, and he thought to himself, "You know what would be great? A movie about raisins that fly! So he went home, and went to bed. In the morning, he went to his computer, and searched a picture of raisins. He colored blue all around the raisins, then he added a sun. Then he went to a movie making software and put the photo on, added music and a title, and voila! The first insta-production. And so, without further ado, Flying Raisins!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

House Mat

Once upon a time, there was a mat. The mat was in a house. The house was in Antarctica. The mat went over to the window. It tried to climb out. He reached it easily. Unfortunately, it was not a window that opened. So it crawled over to the door. The door opened. The mat went out. He met a man named Amram. Amram made the mat his slave. While he was there, he met someone named Jochebed. She let him out. So the mat went outside. Where he got struck by lighting. The lightning caused him to fly into the sky. He flew all the way to India. In India he got turned into a carpet. The carpet went over to a basket to sleep in. The basket had a snack in it. the carpet ate the snack. The basket also had a snake in it. The snake bit the carpet. Its tooth got stuck in his thread. As the carpet ran away, he slowly unwound. When he stopped running, he was a mat again. The mat went into a bar. He got punched in the face. The mat went out of the bar. The mat went to a desert. There was a trampoline in the desert. The mat bounced on the trampoline. The mat kept jumping on the trampoline. By now, you have read enough of this story to figure out that after he jumped enough, he would bounce away to another far of country. He didn't. He just kept bouncing until he got bored. Then he got off of the trampoline. And for all I know, he is still in India to this day. The End.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mystery Lists

  1. Actinium
  2. Aluminum
  3. Antimony
  4. Argon
  5. Arsenic
  6. Astatine
  7. Barium
  8. Beryllium
  9. Bismuth
  10. Boron
  11. Bromine
  12. Cadmium
  13. Calcium
  14. Carbon
  15. Cerium
  16. Cesium
  17. Chlorine
  18. Chromium
  19. Cobalt
  20. Copper
  21. Dysprosium
  22. Erbium
  23. Europium Fluorine Francium
  24. Gadolinium
  25. Gallium
  26. Germanium
  27. Gold
  28. Hafnium
  29. Helium
  30. Hydrogen
  31. Indium
  32. Iodine
  33. Iridium
  34. Iron
  35. Krypton
  36. Lanthanum
  37. Lead
  38. Lithium
  39. Lutetium
  40. Magnesium
  41. Manganese
  42. Mercury
  43. Molybdenum
  44. Neodymium
  45. Neon
  46. Nickel
  47. Niobium
  48. Nitrogen
  49. Osmium
  50. Oxygen
  51. Palladium
  52. Phosphorus
  53. Platinum
  54. Potassium
  55. Promethium
  56. Protactinium
  57. Radium
  58. Radon
  59. Rhenium
  60. Rhodium
  61. Rubidium
  62. Ruthenium
  63. Samarium
  64. Scandium
  65. Selenium
  66. Silicon
  67. Silver
  68. Sodium
  69. Strontium
  70. Sulfur
  71. Tantalum
  72. Tellurium
  73. Terbium
  74. Thorium
  75. Thallium
  76. Tin
  77. Titanium
  78. Tungsten
  79. Uranium
  80. Vanadium
  81. Xenon
  82. Ytterbium
  83. Yttrium
  84. Zinc
  85. Zirconium

  1. Boston, Massachusetts
  2. Attleboro, Massachusetts
  3. Paris, France
  4. Vienna, Austria
  5. Salzburg, Austria
  6. Venice, Italy
  7. Tokyo, Japan
  8. Seoul, South Korea
  9. Cairo, Egypt
  10. Volgograd, Russia
  11. Moscow, Russia
  12. St. Petersburg, Russia
  13. Yekaterinburg, Russia
  14. Melbourne, Australia
  15. Sydney, Australia
  16. Jakarta, Indonesia
  17. Johannesburg, South Africa
  18. Beijing, China
  19. The Bahamas
  20. Kingston, Jamaica
  21. London, England
  22. Cahill Island, Ireland
  23. Monte Carlo, Monaco
  24. Casablanca, Morocco
  25. Zurich, Switzerland
  26. Florence, Italy
  27. Rome, Italy
  28. Lucerne, Switzerland
  29. Basel, Switzerland
  30. Prague, Czech Republic
  31. Turkey
  32. Samarkand, Uzbekistan
  33. Berlin, Germany
  34. Timbuktu, Mali
  35. Syracuse, Italy
  36.  New Haven, Connecticut
  37. Yale, Connecticut
  38. Iguazu Falls, Brazil
  39. New York City, New York
  40. Washington DC
  41. Rockies, Colorado

Friday, January 8, 2016

December Fun!

This December was very fun. I am going to tell you about what we did this December.

Dec. 1

We got to decorate the Christmas tree! While everyone put the general decorations on, Jasper and I went to computer clubhouse, and I learned how to use the 3D printer and became the highest ranking member in the clubhouse. When we got home, I got to put the star on the tree.


Dec. 4

Me and Berg got haircuts.  :(  I didn't really want to but dada insisted that I did. I liked it better when I had long hair.

Dec. 5

I got to be a server at the women's Christmas brunch! It was really fun. I was serving table 16, Miss Gina, our old preschool teacher's table.

We also made an awesome laser tag arena in our basement. Everybody had some sort of nerf gun or bow, and if you got hit five times you were out. We put glow sticks on all of the barriers and had awsome music playing in the background. Their was a big beachball on a stand in the middle. Their were two teams, red team, and white team, and two players per team. If one team could get all of the players on the other team out, or shoot the ball off of the stand in the middle, then their team wins.

Dec. 7-8

We went to Portland!
Dada's friend B Dog, gave us the keys to his wife's dad's house, while he was away. While we were their, we went to this awesome place called Slappy Cakes, where you order pancake batter and toppings, and then you cook your own pancakes on the grill in the middle of your table! It was super fun! Then, the next day, we went to Powells, the biggest bookstore in the world! It is now my favorite store. But even Powells didn't have all the books in my favorite series, The 39 Clues, which has 5 whole series, inside the main series!

Dec. 9

We went to our friends the Holmes house, for a poetry tea party. It was really fun! Earlier, we had all written our own Christmas poems, and we all read them to everybody.

Dec. 10-15
We made our Christmas movies! Mine was called Bill's Invention, and Kivi's was called Kivi's 2015 Christmas Nativity By Mary played by Opal. Strange name, I know. I can't get them on youtube yet, so I can't show them. But I will soon!

Dec. 18
Gingerbread house day!  We invited all of our friends over, and we all decorated Gingerbread houses together. I did the sheep pen and just filled it up with frosting and skittles.

Dec. 19
Dada rented out a theater at the AMC, and we watched Starwars 7 with all of our friends! Almost everybody dressed up, and it was super fun! We set up a breakfast table with doughnuts and fruit, and we all watched Starwars bad lip reading before the movie started! I invented awesome light sabers for everyone! I dressed up as Boba Fett, Kivi was Padme, Jasper was Old Obi-wan-kanobi, Berg was Anikin, Opal was Luke Skywalker's Aunt Beru, Mama was Pregnant Padame, and Dada was Darth Vader. It was super fun!

Dec. 20
Family Pageant day! Every year, Mama sets up a family pageant at our church. Everybody dresses up as a nativity character, and Dada plays songs on his guitar. This year, I was a camel.

Dec. 24
Christmas Eve! We all had to do our math corrections, and then, that night, we opened up our Christmas Jamies! This year they were a reindeer pattern.

Dec. 25
Christmas Day! First, Mama got all of us out of bed, and we all went out into the living room and sat on the couch with Dada to read Luke 2. After that, we all opened Stockings. Every year, Dada fills our stockings with lots of snacks and stuff! After that we all had breakfast! It was really good! We had holiday bread from Panara. Then, we opened presents from under the tree! The girls got me a video recorder, and I just figured out how to use it. Jasper Berg and I, got Kivi a clock that projects the time on the wall. We were really exited that Mama and Dada got us all matching Nerf Guns for laser tag! We got lots of other cool stuff to, but one of our favorites was the basement! All week, Dada had been working on a secret project down there, so we weren't allowed to go downstairs at all. It turned out, Dada had mounted the projector on the ceiling, and put in new ceiling speakers, so we had awesome surround sound! Then, after lunch, we did our annual Christmas scavenger hunt! Every year, Dada hides a bunch of clues around the house, all leading to the big awesome present! But one of the clues, he had shoved into a crack in the bottom of the table, and it got stuck! It took a least 10 minutes to get it out, and Dada had to take apart the table to get it out! We finally found the presents in the van, and we all helped carry them inside! Mama got a Sqatty Potty, which she had been wanting ever since she saw the add with the pooping unicorn, the girls got Nonnie's dollhouse, which they had been wanting ever since they laid eyes on it 5 years ago. I have never seen Kivi more exited. Then the boys got the Death Star 2 Lego Set! And the best part is, we got it for free! It was so awesome! I just finished it, yesterday on 1.6.16. It is HUGE!

Dada Taking apart the table.

The Girls unwrapping their dollhouse.

This December was really fun.