Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My 11th birthday party!

This year for my eleventh birthday party I decided to have a wii party! Mama made a cool happy birthday sign with the colors that I choose. This year I choose red and purple.

 Mama got lots of snacks like peanuts and popcorn for the party. She also got lot's of soda!

 I got kind of frustrated when I was setting up Go Vacation. It wouldn't let me set up the game I wanted until I did the tutorial!

My two favorite games that I picked out were Mario Kart 8 and Wii Party. Mario Kart (right) is a racing game and Wii party (left) is lots of different mini games put together.

There are lots of different kinds of parties on Wii party. The one I choose was called Board Game Island.

Almost all of my friends came! I had lots of fun.

Lots of people liked Bowling and Just Dance.

At present time I got a cool ship that my great grandpa got for me when I was a baby! I had a really fun birthday.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Annie Schron and the mystery of the exploding guitar part four

"What's with the guitars?" said Annie.
"Me, of course," said the purple hooded man.
"Well I get that," said Annie, "I just don't get the part about the guitars exploding."
"Well,  I would tell you," said the man, "But the title of this story says that it's supposed to be a mystery."
"Very good point," said Annie, "Very good point."
"Here, let me get you out of this cell," said the man.
"Wait a minute," said Annie, "Your letting me out?"
"Yeah, sorry about that," said the man, "The jail was just for dramatic effect."
"Seriously?" said Annie.
"Yeah..." said the man. "My name is Jerry. My dad was evil, so he thinks that I should take his place since he's retired."
"So, why don't you just tell him that you don't wan't to be evil?" asked Annie.
"Are you crazy!?" said Jerry, "Do you know who my dad is!?"
"No," said Annie, "Who is he?"
"My dad is non other than Wobertolenorecitomo the great!" said Jerry.

                                                          TO BE CONTINUED