Monday, August 25, 2014

Annie Schron and the mystery of the exploding guitar part one

Annie Schron is a private investigator. She is very sneaky. She is very swift. Nothing gets past her unseen. One day a mysterious stranger walked into her office. Also know as her uncle's tool shed. Annie couldn't see the stranger's face. It was blocked by a purple hood that he wore. The stranger handed Annie a note and then walked away. The note said, 'Meet me at grump at 5:00 sharp'. "Grump? What could that mean?" She wondered. Then she had an idea. "I got it!" She said, and ran off to get a phone book. When she found it she looked and looked. "Hmm, grump." She said to herself. "I know I saw it here somewhere. Ah, found it!" exclaimed Annie. "Grump, 'Guitars Run Under Monkey Protection'." "OK, I think that's on Ricochet Street." she said. "I wonder what that guy with the purple hood wants me there for."

                                                                   TO BE CONTINUED...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Family Reunion

This year at LCC family reunion, we had lots of fun. Mama and Dada had to dress up in a different costume every day. They were really funny. We had the reunion at the same place as last year, Black Lake. There were carpet ball places everywhere. Our secret hideout had been all cut down and so had the big log that you could cross the stream on. So we made the entire valley, otherwise known as "West Fall Pass", our secret hideout. Kivi got to be in a skit. It was really funny. It was about a bunch a kids trying to make a skit about someone who thinks he is going to die. Then some people come, see him, call 911, take the money out of his pocket and go get pizza. (Kivi and her friend Bethlehem.) Then the ambulance comes and says that he has no pulse and that means that he's dead. Then the director doesn't like it and they end up having to do it three more times, each in a different way. Also at all meal times, this secret agent guy comes in, and never smiles. He just walks around the room and keeps looking at different people. Then he goes and stand out on the balcony. Then his helper agents come and walk around for a while. Then they finally go up to a table, and point at someone. Then the person that they point to comes with them out on to the balcony. Then the main secret agent guy fills a pie tin with shaving cream and puts it in his face! Then on the very last day I got to be one of the helper agents! It is really hard not to smile for even a couple minuets!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Minecraft instructions 7

Today I will show you how to summon mobs that have been deleted from the game. You can use the /summon code to do it. To enter a command press T. Here is the code for the skeleton horse.

/summon EntityHorse ~0 ~0 ~0 {Type:4,CustomNameVisible:1,CustomName: "Anything you want"}

Here is the code for the giant.

/summon Giant ~0 ~0 ~0 {CustomNameVisible:1,CustomName: "Anything you want"}

Here is the code to make any mob bigger or smaller.

/summon any mob ~ ~ ~ {Size:any number}

Here is how to make mobs go on each other.

/summon any mob ~ ~ ~ {Riding: {id: "any mob",Riding: {id: "any mob"}}}

Here is how to make a working airplane.

/summon Minecart ~ ~ ~ {Riding:id "EnderDragon"}

After you use that code, just get into the minecart.

You can use that code and put a minecart on any mob so that you can ride it.

You can also use this code to simply summon anything.

/summon any mob

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Minecraft instructions 6

Today I will give you complete instructions on how to make a flower pot and how to get the ingredients for it. The first thing you will need is clay. Clay is found at the bottom of rivers, lakes and streams. If you go under and there is no clay, then it is probably under the sand. Clay kind of looks like smooth cobblestone. When you mine it you get four clay balls. Cook your clay balls in the furnace. To make a furnace, use your crafting table and surround the center space with cobblestone. Cobblestone can be found if you dig into the side of a hill or mountain. When you cook your clay balls they will turn into bricks. Using your crafting table, put a brick on both sides of the middle and right below the middle. That will make a flower pot. To plant something in it just place the pot, and right click it while holding any plant. You can plant any flowers,  saplings, mushrooms or cacti in it. Flower pots also spawn in witch huts and have mushrooms in them. (I know that I usually have more than one thing but this time I wanted to make it have every little detail.)