Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

This year on easter, we had lots of fun. At church, we all wore matching clothes. My pants did not fit. Grandma and Grandpa came to church with us. I was up in the tech booth. I really wanted Jasper to come up into the booth with me and stay for service, but the night before we had all gone to the service, and there was no kids church on Good Friday, so Jasper had to come with us. The thing was, that they had chosen all of the most slowest songs ever, and let's just say that the speaker wasn't very intriguing either. So at Easter service, they had chosen some of the best songs ever that they hadn't played in a really long time, so when I tried to get Jasper to go with me, he wouldn't budge, because of his experience on Friday. Anyways, after church, we all went back to our house to celebrate Easter with all of our cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents and nonnies and poppies. So at first, me Jasper, Berg, and our cousin Ian, just played Mario Smash Bros. in the basement. Then, after lunch, We all did the egg hunt. Ian found the silver egg, and got a gigantic chocolate bunny. Then, after a bit more smash bros, we did the easter basket hunt. We found them, and we had gotten two new touchscreen windows laptops! It was awesome! After that, we did the other easter basket, and Mama had unknowingly gotten me my favorite game, Fluxx! Then, on Monday, after five or six weeks of trying, we finally earned a sphero! Today, I woke up at 5:13, to finish my school so that I can play with it.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Man

Once upon a time, there was a man. The man owned a farm. The man like his farm. One day, the man left his house. The man got into his car. The man went to a store. The man bought some seeds. The man left the store. The man went back to his farm. The man got out of his car. The man walked to his field. The man planted the seeds. The man went to his house. The man took of his boots. The man ran to his room. The man got into his jammies. The man climbed into his bed. The man set his alarm to 12:00. The man turned on his alarm. The man fell asleep. The man stayed asleep. The man's alarm went off. The man woke up. The man looked at his clock. The man saw that is was 12:00. The man got out of bed. The man yawned. The man got dressed. The man ran out of his room. The man put on his boots. The man left his house. The man walked to his field. The man looked at where he had planted his seeds. There were muffins growing. The man left his field. The man got in his car. The man drove to the store. The man got a cart. The man bought some butter. The man bought some jam. The man bought some plates. The man bought some forks. The man bought some spoons. The man bought some knives. The man bought a table. The man bought some chairs. The man bought some paint. The man bought a paint brush. The man bought some sand paper. The man left the store. The man put his stuff in the car. The man walked over to the cart place. The man put his cart in the cart place. The man walked back to his car. The man got into his car. The man drove to his farm. The man took his stuff inside. The man set up the table. The man sanded down the table. The man painted the table. The man set up the chairs. The man stocked his cupboards. The man got a basket. The man left his house. The man walked to his fields. The man picked the muffins. The man put the muffins in his basket. The man walked back to his house. The man took off his boots. The man got out the jam. The man got out the butter. The man got out a plate. The man buttered a muffin. The man put on some jam. The man put it on a plate. The man ate the muffin. The man washed the plate. The man put away the plate. The man put away the butter. The man put away the jam. The man put away the muffins. The man sat in his chair. The man was bored. The man saw his sphero. The man got it out. The man started playing. The man had fun.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sphero Accessories

Today, I will tell you about different accessories for Sphero Robotic Ball.

1. Nubby Cover      The Nubby Cover is a protective cover that you put on the Sphero that not only         protects it from scratches, but also gives it much better traction in the water.

2. Turbo Cover       The Turbo Cover is almost the same as the Nubby Cover, but instead of giving it       better traction on the water, it will give it better traction on carpet, rocky terrain, and other rough         settings, while also making it a bit faster on flat surfaces.

3. Chariot                The Sphero Chariot is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is a chariot that       is pulled by a Sphero. In replacement of the harness for horses in front, there is an upside down           bowl in the front that you put Sphero in. The best part about it, is that it is compatible with legos,         so you could build a claw onto it, you could put a little mini figure on it, or you could make a               holder for your camera or phone! The possibilities are endless!

3. Terrain Park        The Sphero Terrain Park is one of my favorite accessories. It comes with two           rails, and two interlocking ramps. You can combine all of these things into lots of different jumps       and ramps for sphero. You can put the ramps across from each other and put the rails in between to     connect them, you can put the two ramps together with out the rails to make a hill jump, you can         turn the hill upside down, to make a see-saw ramp! The possibilities are again endless!

4. Jump Ramps        The Sphero Jump Ramps are pretty much the same thing as the Terrain Park,           except instead of just two ramps and a pair of rails, there are four ramps that can interlock with           each other. you can do a super long ramp, you can do a wave, you can do multiple see-saws, and         pretty much anything that pops into your head!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about these products. You can purchase them at Gosphero.com. Just remember that I only listed the accessories for the Sphero, and not the Ollie. And no, I do not work for Sphero.


We are trying to get a new toy. It is called a sphero. It is really awesome, and probably one of the best toys ever invented. A sphero is a waterproof robotic ball that you control with your smart phone or tablet. It can change to millions of different colors, and has lots of different apps that you can download for it. For some of it's games, sphero uses augmented reality, like in the game, the Rolling Dead, where animated zombies are popping up around your house, and trying to attack sphero. While looking at you smart device, and rolling sphero around, trying to get the zombies with fire balls, sphero will be actually rolling around on the floor of your house, fighting invisible zombies! The main sphero app is also really fun. When you first get your sphero and hook it up to your device, it will only be able to go at the slowest speed, and have not that many colors that you can change it to. But as you play games with it, and go on missions, you can unlock cores. With cores, you can unlock new speeds and colors and boosts. Sphero has lots of accessories that you can put on it. The nubby cover gives your sphero more traction in the water, and also makes it more all terrain, so that you can take it outside. The turbo cover, well, as you may have guessed, makes it faster and more agile. The sphero chariot is pretty much just a chariot that is sphero powered. You just put the sphero in a little pocket in front, and off you go! Now, if it was just a chariot, it would eventually get pretty boring. But this chariot is compatible with legos! You can just build on attachments for it, like maybe spikes on the wheels, or a little guy to drive it! And lastly, if you have access to a 3D printer, their are tons of accessories that you can 3D print, on Thingiverse. There are also a couple of multiplayer games that your whole family can play with only one sphero. One of the best ones is called color grab. Your smart device will tell you a color that the sphero will flash. The sphero will start spinning around and flashing different colors. When the sphero is the color that it says on the smart device, you have to grab the sphero as fast as you can. I think that sphero is very fun and everyone should get one.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Soup and Taco's

Soup and Taco's. That is what we have been having for dinner for the past month. And I am not getting tired of it, like you would think. I think that it is very delicious. I even had a normal taco once, instead of a taco salad! I really love taco salad. I think that it is very delicious. But, if we go out to a restaurant, then I will normally get a normal taco. Well, when we are at Jack in the Box, I get a normal taco, because they have the best taco's ever. But if we go to Taco Bell, then I usually get a Crunch Wrap Supreme, which is kind of like a taco and a taco salad all mixed into one thing, but with nacho cheese mixed in with the meat, and it is like, the best thing ever.

This is what it looks like, but when you get it, the two half's are put together, so it is more like a circle. It kind of looks like a quesadilla, but it is not. 

We have been having lots of soup too, and my favorite, is Dada's turkey and vegetable soup that he makes. It is really good! It has carrots and turkey, and pea's, and other things that I can't remember, and we all love it. The only restaurant that I ever get soup at, is the Old Spaghetti Factory. They make some really good soup, but it is not as good as Dada's soup.

And now for the grand finally... Mama's Taco soup! It is a mix of soup and taco's! And it is really good. It has all the things that a taco would, and more! And you can even put tortilla chips on it! It is not as good as Dada's turkey soup, but it is still really good!