Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Strange pie man Meets the Crazy turkey from the Past who has been Brought to the Future by a Time Machine Made out of Nine Million Sixty Thousand One Hundred and Twenty Three Peanuts, Twenty Two Toasters, and Sixty Nine Giant Socks Woven Together By an Ancient wizard Who can Harness the Powers of the Sun At Will

One day, the Strange pie man was walking down the sidewalk, (like most characters in these types of stories do), when suddenly, there was a big flash of light! The Strange pie man let out a scream. "IT'S A TIME MACHINE!!!!!!!" He yelled. But it turned out, that it wasn't actually a time machine, and it was just a big flash of light. So the Strange pie man kept walking down the sidewalk. He had been walking for about half an hour, when suddenly, there was a big flash of light! The Strange pie man let out a sigh. "Oh great, another big flash of light." he said. And he kept walking. Unfortunately, he could not continue his walk, because as soon as he started walking, he ran into a time machine. The Strange pie man let out a yelp. "IT'S A GIANT TOASTER!!!!!" he yelled. But then, out of the giant toaster, came the Strange pie man's friend, the Crazy turkey! The Strange pie man was happy to see him. "Crazy turkey!" he said, "I haven't seen you since you fired that first shot at the revolutionary war, then threw sally into the ocean! What happened to her anyway?"
"Oh, Sally got saved by a seagull after swallowing some seawater, and sinking in a submarine made of salt." said the Crazy turkey.
"Oh yeah!" said the Strange pie man. "That sounds like Sally! So how did you get here to the future?"
"Oh, I met this Ancient wizard who was having a garage sale, so I bought 9,060,123 peanuts, 22 toasters, and nine giant socks, that he had made himself, and a book." said the Crazy turkey. "I went home to read my book, and inside, it had instructions to make a time machine! And it just so happened that the time machine recipe called for exactly 9,060,123 peanuts, 22 toasters, and nine giant socks woven together by an Ancient wizard. So I put it together. Then the book said to take it to the nearest Ancient wizard you know, to make it work. So I took my time machine to the Ancient wizard, and he took out a glowing orange circle with some pictures and writing engraved into it, and put it in one of the toasters. Then he pushed down the toaster lever, and we had to wait a few minutes for it to toast. Then, it finally popped out, and the Ancient wizard left. So I got into my time machine and appeared here."
"Oh, okay!" said the Strange pie man.
So the two walked away together, still good friends. (Not that there was anything wrong with there friendship in the first place.)

The End


  1. Why, I was just saying to myself the other day, that I hoped someone would write a story about a strange pie man, peanuts, toasters, socks, crazy turkeys and of course, a time machine. And surprise, surprise - here it is! How did you know? You just made my day. I love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much!

  2. i would like to submit your story to netflix may i have the rights to a film?

    Zach Efron