Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lego ninja house!

Jasper and I love to build Legos. We have built lots of stuff. This time we decided to build a ninja house. This is the whole thing.
The back was super cool. It had a training room, my guy's bed, a jail and my guy's throne.
The training room was super cool. You had to go through some spinners and jump onto a platform.
This is my guy's bed. It was up high.
This is my guy in his throne.
Jasper's guy's room was cool too. It had steps to it. Legos are super fun.


  1. You and Jasper are master Lego builders! Did you take all of the pictures yourself too? That is way cool!

    1. Yes. I screen shot them from a video. - Eben

  2. Eben,
    What a super fun time you and Jasper had building with your Lego's. Remember when Poppy and Buggy and I took you and Kivi to Legoland? I think we should go again and take Jasper next time. He will love it, don't you think? Well, I think I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

  3. Eben,
    You and Jasper are master Lego builders! The Lego Ninja House is amazing; did you use all of your Legos to build it? It sure looks like you did because the Ninja house is so big and very, very cool! Good idea to take pictures of it, was that your idea? You are a great big brother.
    Aunt Sherri