Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Science, science and more science!

This week we had science week. We did lots of science projects.

The first project was super cool. (It was also super fun.)

Can you guess what it was?…If you can't guess then this is  what we did… We blew up a balloon! (With homemade carbon dioxide of course.)This is how you make carbon dioxide: You put baking powder in a balloon and vinegar in a flask then put the balloon on the flask and tap the balloon so that the baking powder goes in to the flask and the balloon will blow up.

The 2nd project was also super fun. We made a compass!

The 3rd project was kind of funny. All we had to do was fill up a bag with water. The funny part was when I held it to my face!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our trip at Long Beach

We went to long beach for a surprise. This is us in the car.
Right when we got there we went to the bakery.I got a cookie as big as an adult dinner plate.
The kids bedroom was cool. It had two beds,a lamp and a clock. We were all going to sleep in there...

But then I found a murphy bed. So the girls slept on it.

The living room was cool.We spent most of our time there.
In the morning we had ice cream before breakfast.
We also spent most of our time in the pool.
Sometimes we went in the hot tub. We had races in it!