Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Minecraft instructions 2

I am going to tell you how to make four more things in minecraft. (note, you will have to use your crafting table to make all these things.)

#1. How to make a dispenser. First using your crafting space in your crafting table, out line the whole out side of the crafting space with cobble stone except for the bottom middle square. In the center of the space put a bow. In the bottom middle square put redstone dust. Then you have a dispenser. when triggered it will shoot out items.

#2. How to make a jukebox. First out line the whole crafting space in wooden planks. Then put a diamond gem in the middle. You can insert discs into it and it will play music.

#3. How to make a bed. First line the bottom of your crafting space with wood planks. Then line the middle with wool.

#4. How to make a enchantment table. First line the bottom and middle spaces of your crafting space with obsidian. Than on the two middle side squares put diamond gems. On the top middle square put a book. Use the enchantment table to enchant any weapon.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Minecraft Instructions

I am going to tell you how to make four things on mine craft.

#1. How to make obsidian. Make a hole in the ground. Fill it with lava. Then, put water on the lava and it turns into obsidian.

#2. How to make a crafting table. Chop down trees and collect the wood. Then make wood planks. Put  four wood planks on all four crafting spaces in your inventory. Then you have a crafting table.

#3. How to make wood planks. Put one block of wood in any section of your inventory crafting space. you will automatically get four wood planks.

#4. How to make a nether portal. Put four blocks of obsidian on the ground in a line then stack four up on both sides. Then make a ceiling four long just as you did on the bottom. To activate the portal light the inside with flint and steel.