Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Minecraft instructions 9

Today, I will tell you what you need in order to brew, and how to make it. First, you will need a water bottle, and to do that you will need a bottle. To make a bottle, you put glass in the middle of the bottom row and on both far sides of the middle row. To get glass cook sand in a furnace. To make a furnace surround your crafting space with cobblestone, but leave out the middle. That will give you three glass bottles. Then you will need to fill the bottles with water by right clicking a water source while holding the bottle. If you want you can use a cauldron to keep your brewing water in. To make a cauldron, surround your crafting space in iron ingots, but leave out the top middle and the middle middle. Then you will need a brewing stand. To make a brewing stand, fill the whole bottom row with cobblestone and put a blaze rod in the middle space of the middle row. To get a blaze rod, kill a blaze. Blazes are found in the Nether. To go to the nether you need to make a Nether portal. To make a Nether portal, place obsidian four in a row on the ground. Then, stack it four up on each side, and connect it on top. Then light it in the middle with flint and steel. To get obsidian, put water on top of lava. Lava can be found deep under ground in caves.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Annie Schron and the Mystery of the Exploding Guitar Part 6

Annie rushed to the phone. She dialed 911.
"Hello?" she said, "I'd like to call about a man who I think might be going craz-"
She was cut off short.
"Don't call 911!" 
It was Jerry. He seemed to be back to normal.
"Actually, I don't think I need you any more, bye," said Annie to the phone. 
Then she hung up.
"What was wrong with you?" asked Annie.
"Sometimes that happens," said Jerry, "Sometimes I just start saying random things that don't make sense. Then after a few minuets it goes away."
"When did you start doing that?" asked Annie.
"It all started when my dad tried his new machine, 'The Weirdatron' on me." said Jerry.
"Your dad tried out his inventions on you?" asked Annie.
"Yeah," said Jerry, "It all started when he invented his 'FreeIceCreamater'. He tried it out on me and it gave me free ice-cream. Then he decided to try out all of them on me."

                                                                      TO BE CONTINUED...


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Annie Schron Blog!

There is a new blog now that is all about Annie Schron! You should check it out!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I am good at html!

I am finally a master of html! I can do lots of different sizes and maybe even some different fonts!

This is the h1 size

This is the h2 size

This is the h3 size

This is the h4 size

This is the h5 size
This is the h6 size

Monday, November 3, 2014

Annie Schron and the Mystery of the Exploding Guitar Part Five

"Your dad is Wobertolenorecitomo the great!?" exclaimed Annie.
"Yeah," said Jerry, "That's my dad."
"Isn't he the guy who made every thing upside-down?," said Annie.
"Yeah," said Jerry, "That's my dad. I still have his upside-downer machine too."
"Really?" said Annie.
"Yeah," said Jerry, "Want me to show you how it works?"
"Sure, why not?" said Annie.
"Ok," said Jerry, "Here we go!"
"Well, I guess it is broken," said Jerry. "Here, take this guitar, you can have it for free."
"Ok, thanks!" said Annie.
"Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!" said Jerry, "You are a bubble!"
"What are you talking about!?" exclaimed Annie.
"I am a burrito!" said Jerry.
"What in the world is happening here!" asked Annie.
"Purple!" exclaimed Jerry, "Purple, Purple, Purple!"
"Should I call a doctor?" asked Annie.

                                                       TO BE CONTINUED...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My 11th birthday party!

This year for my eleventh birthday party I decided to have a wii party! Mama made a cool happy birthday sign with the colors that I choose. This year I choose red and purple.

 Mama got lots of snacks like peanuts and popcorn for the party. She also got lot's of soda!

 I got kind of frustrated when I was setting up Go Vacation. It wouldn't let me set up the game I wanted until I did the tutorial!

My two favorite games that I picked out were Mario Kart 8 and Wii Party. Mario Kart (right) is a racing game and Wii party (left) is lots of different mini games put together.

There are lots of different kinds of parties on Wii party. The one I choose was called Board Game Island.

Almost all of my friends came! I had lots of fun.

Lots of people liked Bowling and Just Dance.

At present time I got a cool ship that my great grandpa got for me when I was a baby! I had a really fun birthday.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Annie Schron and the mystery of the exploding guitar part four

"What's with the guitars?" said Annie.
"Me, of course," said the purple hooded man.
"Well I get that," said Annie, "I just don't get the part about the guitars exploding."
"Well,  I would tell you," said the man, "But the title of this story says that it's supposed to be a mystery."
"Very good point," said Annie, "Very good point."
"Here, let me get you out of this cell," said the man.
"Wait a minute," said Annie, "Your letting me out?"
"Yeah, sorry about that," said the man, "The jail was just for dramatic effect."
"Seriously?" said Annie.
"Yeah..." said the man. "My name is Jerry. My dad was evil, so he thinks that I should take his place since he's retired."
"So, why don't you just tell him that you don't wan't to be evil?" asked Annie.
"Are you crazy!?" said Jerry, "Do you know who my dad is!?"
"No," said Annie, "Who is he?"
"My dad is non other than Wobertolenorecitomo the great!" said Jerry.

                                                          TO BE CONTINUED

Monday, September 29, 2014

Minecraft instructions 8

Today I will tell you how to make a good library. First you make a big house. If you want to, you can put windows in the house. Then you need some bookshelves, but first, you need to know how to make some books. To make a book, first you put leather in the middle of the bottom row of your crafting space. Then you put feathers above it, to the left of it and in the left of the middle row. To get leather, just kill a cow. To get a feather just kill a chicken. Then to make a bookshelf, fill the top row with wooden planks, the middle row with books, and the bottom row with wooden planks. Then after you have made lots of bookshelves, outline the whole room with them. Also, most people put an enchanting table in their library. You can also make a book and quill. To make it, put a book in the left of the middle row, an ink sack in the middle and a feather in the middle of the bottom row. Some people make super fancy libraries with gigantic chandeliers and rows and rows of books. But I am just telling you how to make a simple library. Now try to make it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Annie Schron and the mystery of the exploding guitar part 3

Annie was astonished. "You!" she exclaimed.
"Yes," he chuckled, "It's me."
"All right!" said Annie, "Why did you want me here?"
"Simple Annie, Simple," he said. "To trap you of course.  Just say the magic word."
"That's it." Then suddenly, everything went black.


Annie woke up. She looked around. She was in a prison cell. A large prison cell. "What happened?" she wondered. Outside of her cell was a guitar. Then it started to hiss. It hissed louder and louder and then it exploded. And in its place stood none other than the purple hooded man.

                                                           TO BE CONTINUED

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Annie Schron and the mystery of the exploding guitar part two

Annie went to Ricochet street. She had never seen Ricochet street before, but she knew where it was because random bouncy balls were forever ricocheting of of everything there. Now all she had to do was find Grump. Then she realized something. There were two Grumps on Ricochet street! On one side there was "Guitars Run Under Monkey Protection" and on the other side there was "Great Runners Usually Miss Potatoes"! She thought and thought and thought, when suddenly she realized something. She realized that the title of this book is "Annie Schron and the mystery of the exploding guitar". And that means that the shop she wants is probably "Guitars Run Under Monkey Protection". So that's were she went. After getting hit with a few dozen bouncy balls, she finally made it to the store. In side the store there was every size and shape of guitar. And all of them were constantly getting polished and waxed by monkeys. Then she noticed that one of the guitars was starting to hiss. It hissed louder and louder and louder and then it exploded. And in it's place was none other then the purple hooded man.

                                             TO BE CONTINUED...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Tangled Week

Last week we had Tangled Thursday and Saturday. Some parts of it were fun but some parts of it were boring. Kivi and I each made a schedule and had to follow it for those two days. This was my final schedule.

  • 6:30              Wake Up
  • 6:35              Make Breakfast
  • 6:40              Eat Breakfast
  • 7:00              Sweep
  • 7:02              Polish and Wax
  • 7:05              Laundry
  • 7:08              Mop
  • 7:11              Shine Up
  • 7:13              Sweep
  • 8:15              Read
  • 9:00              Paint
  • 9:30              Play Piano
  • 10:00            Knit
  • 10:30            Cook
  • 11:00             Lunch
  • 11:30             Puzzles
  • 12:00             Darts
  • 12:30             Baking
  • 1:00               Paper Mâché
  • 1:30               Ballet
  • 1:31               Chess
  • 2:01               Pottery
  • 2:31               Ventriloquy
  • 2:40               Candle Making
  • 3:00               Stretch
  • 3:01               Sketch
  • 3:16               Climb
  • 3:31               Sew
  • 3:46               Read
  • 4:16               Paint
  • 4:31               Brush Hair 

Rapunzel got all of her chores done in 15 minutes! She must have really wanted to play. She never ate breakfast though, so she must have been hungry. She also should have thought about doing ballet before she got wound up in her hair. Also, when she was playing chess, she moved out her king just to take out a rook which wasn't a very good move. Also, it would of been impossible to make as many candles as she did. Especially in just a couple of minutes! Also, she couldn't of painted all of those suns in her room if she didn't even know that she was the lost princess. Also, it would of taken forever to brush all of her hair in that short amount of time. Also, while she was brushing her hair she got it completely tangled up in all of the rafters. Her schedule was just one big impossible mess.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Annie Schron and the mystery of the exploding guitar part one

Annie Schron is a private investigator. She is very sneaky. She is very swift. Nothing gets past her unseen. One day a mysterious stranger walked into her office. Also know as her uncle's tool shed. Annie couldn't see the stranger's face. It was blocked by a purple hood that he wore. The stranger handed Annie a note and then walked away. The note said, 'Meet me at grump at 5:00 sharp'. "Grump? What could that mean?" She wondered. Then she had an idea. "I got it!" She said, and ran off to get a phone book. When she found it she looked and looked. "Hmm, grump." She said to herself. "I know I saw it here somewhere. Ah, found it!" exclaimed Annie. "Grump, 'Guitars Run Under Monkey Protection'." "OK, I think that's on Ricochet Street." she said. "I wonder what that guy with the purple hood wants me there for."

                                                                   TO BE CONTINUED...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Family Reunion

This year at LCC family reunion, we had lots of fun. Mama and Dada had to dress up in a different costume every day. They were really funny. We had the reunion at the same place as last year, Black Lake. There were carpet ball places everywhere. Our secret hideout had been all cut down and so had the big log that you could cross the stream on. So we made the entire valley, otherwise known as "West Fall Pass", our secret hideout. Kivi got to be in a skit. It was really funny. It was about a bunch a kids trying to make a skit about someone who thinks he is going to die. Then some people come, see him, call 911, take the money out of his pocket and go get pizza. (Kivi and her friend Bethlehem.) Then the ambulance comes and says that he has no pulse and that means that he's dead. Then the director doesn't like it and they end up having to do it three more times, each in a different way. Also at all meal times, this secret agent guy comes in, and never smiles. He just walks around the room and keeps looking at different people. Then he goes and stand out on the balcony. Then his helper agents come and walk around for a while. Then they finally go up to a table, and point at someone. Then the person that they point to comes with them out on to the balcony. Then the main secret agent guy fills a pie tin with shaving cream and puts it in his face! Then on the very last day I got to be one of the helper agents! It is really hard not to smile for even a couple minuets!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Minecraft instructions 7

Today I will show you how to summon mobs that have been deleted from the game. You can use the /summon code to do it. To enter a command press T. Here is the code for the skeleton horse.

/summon EntityHorse ~0 ~0 ~0 {Type:4,CustomNameVisible:1,CustomName: "Anything you want"}

Here is the code for the giant.

/summon Giant ~0 ~0 ~0 {CustomNameVisible:1,CustomName: "Anything you want"}

Here is the code to make any mob bigger or smaller.

/summon any mob ~ ~ ~ {Size:any number}

Here is how to make mobs go on each other.

/summon any mob ~ ~ ~ {Riding: {id: "any mob",Riding: {id: "any mob"}}}

Here is how to make a working airplane.

/summon Minecart ~ ~ ~ {Riding:id "EnderDragon"}

After you use that code, just get into the minecart.

You can use that code and put a minecart on any mob so that you can ride it.

You can also use this code to simply summon anything.

/summon any mob

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Minecraft instructions 6

Today I will give you complete instructions on how to make a flower pot and how to get the ingredients for it. The first thing you will need is clay. Clay is found at the bottom of rivers, lakes and streams. If you go under and there is no clay, then it is probably under the sand. Clay kind of looks like smooth cobblestone. When you mine it you get four clay balls. Cook your clay balls in the furnace. To make a furnace, use your crafting table and surround the center space with cobblestone. Cobblestone can be found if you dig into the side of a hill or mountain. When you cook your clay balls they will turn into bricks. Using your crafting table, put a brick on both sides of the middle and right below the middle. That will make a flower pot. To plant something in it just place the pot, and right click it while holding any plant. You can plant any flowers,  saplings, mushrooms or cacti in it. Flower pots also spawn in witch huts and have mushrooms in them. (I know that I usually have more than one thing but this time I wanted to make it have every little detail.) 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Our trip to the farm.

Last weekend we went to a dairy farm. We slept in tents in our friends, the Vanderpol's Uncle's backyard. It was lots of fun. We got to see a baby cow get born. It took a really long time. Then we discovered little non-synthetic stairs that led to the top of a big brick. The big brick had a wooden wall on the back of it. We figured out that if you swing around the side of the wall that you would end up in a little room. Then you could swing around two more walls and be in a cool long hall way. Then we decided to make it our secret hideout. Then we figured out that the secret hideout was actually a loading port for the cows. But it hardly ever got used so we were allowed to play on it.  Then we took a walk around the building where all of the pregnant cows were. Then Mama called us over. We went over and the baby cow was born! It was a very fun weekend.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Minecraft instructions 5

This time is will tell you how to make an ender chest and how to find and activate an ender portal.

#1.) Getting the ender pearl. The first thing you will need is to get an ender pearl. To get one you have to kill and enderman. Once you have killed it, it will drop and ender pearl.

#2.) How to get blaze powder. I will make this short for you. If you kill a blaze, it will drop a blaze rod. put the blaze rod anywhere in your crafting space and you will have two blaze powder.

#3.) Making the eye of ender. To make the eye, first put one blaze powder on the left side of the middle row and put the ender pearl in the middle. You can also get them by trading with villagers. They will want about ten emeralds for one.

#4.) Making the ender chest. To make the ender chest put the eye of ender in the middle and surround it with obsidian. 

#5.)  How to get obsidian. Obsidian is anywhere, where water touches lava.

#6.) How to find an ender portal. To find an ender portal hold the eye of ender and right click. Then the eye will fly towards the nearest portal. It will leave a purple trail behind it for you to follow. When it is right above the portal, it will go straight down. When it does that, go to where the trail goes down and right there, dig down. Soon you will come to the portal.

#7.) Activating the portal. To activate the portal, put an eye of ender in each of the holes in the frame. That will activate the portal.

This is an ender portal chamber. This is what the eye of ender will lead to when held and right clicked.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Minecraft instructions 4

This is the fourth of July version of "minecraft instructions". I will teach you how to make many different kinds of fire works.

#1.) How to make a fire work star. (You will need them to make the different fireworks.) On the left side in the middle row put one gunpowder. In the middle put any dye. Instead of dye you can also use peppers, ink sacks, or cocoa beans. To change the shape of your firework you can put different things in the middle space of the bottom row. If you put a fire charge there, then your firework will be a big explosion. A gold nugget will make it star shaped. A feather will make it be a burst. And if you put any head there then your firework will look like a creeper head.

#2.) How to make the firework. First in the middle row on the left you put paper. Then in the middle you put gunpowder. That design will make a small explosion.

#3.) How to make the cooler explosions. To make better fireworks, put paper in the middle and gunpowder to the right of it. Then on the left of it put any of the firework stars you have made. (The color of your firework star will be the color of your firework.) The more gunpowder you put on the top and the bottom rows, the longer your firework will last.

#4.) How to add special effects to your firework. While crafting the firework star, put a diamond gem anywhere in your crafting area for a trail behind your firework when it shoots off. For a twinkle effect after your firework goes off, put glowstone dust anywhere in your crafting area while making your firework star.

This is the small explosion
This is the big explosion.

 This is the star shaped explosion.

 This is the burst explosion.

This is the creeper head explosion.

This is the trail behind the firework effect.

 This is the twinkle effect that will happen after the firework if you decide to put it in. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shiloh Bible Camp

Last week we went to Shiloh bible camp. It was really fun. I met a couple new friends. We stayed in a trailer outside our friends the DeyArmin's house. Mama packed everybody a lunch every day. I was in yellow team. I brought my wet suit instead of my swim suit because I thought the water was to cold in the pool. One pool time I decided to not go swimming at all and my grandma and grandpa came and I got to take them on a tour of camp instead of swimming. At chapel time we learned the entire bible in one week. We called it the journey through the bible. It went: Creation, fall, flood, Israel, law, judges, kings, prophets, Christ, pentecost, church, persecution, us, rapture, tribulation, eternity. I really liked the store. Unless we disobeyed, Mama gave us each a dollar every day. I brought my perplexus to the DeyArmin's house. They have one to. Their's is the original and I have the epic. While we were there we traded perplexusis.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Minecraft instructions 3

Here are some more minecraft instructions. Again you will have to use your crafting table.

#1.) How to make boots. Place Leather, gold ingots, fire, iron ingots, or diamond in both side up to the middle.

#2.) How to make a breast plate. Place Leather, gold ingots, fire, iron ingots, or diamond all the way up on the sides and two up in the middle.

#3.) How to make a helmet. Place Leather, gold ingots, fire, iron ingots, or diamond up two spaces on   the sides and put one in the middle.

#4.) How to make pants. Place leather, gold ingots, fire, iron ingots, or diamond all the way up on the   sides and on the very top in the middle.

#5.) How to make a sword. Put a stick on the very bottom middle square. Then fill up the rest of the middle with gold ingots, iron ingots, diamond, cobblestone or any kind of wood planks.

#6.) How to make a bow. First put a stick on the top and bottom of the middle. Then on the left side put one stick in the middle and on the right put string all the way up.

#7.) How to make an arrow. First put one stick in the very middle. Then also in the bottom middle put a feather and the the top middle put flint.

Now you are ready for battle!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


My favorite toy is called a perplexus. It is a super cool 3D marble maze that is inside a sphere. You have to tilt the ball and put it in to the start lane. Then you role it around the track. If you fall off then you have to start over. The first time I saw one I didn't know that there was a start so I just kept shaking the ball until the marble got onto a track. I shook it for at least half an hour until my friend Elijah showed me that there was a start. There are four different kinds of perplexus.

This is the original perplexus.

 This is the rookie perplexus. It is the easiest one.

 This is the epic perplexus. It has the most traps.

This is the perplexus twist. It is the hardest one. You have to twist the two knobs on the sides to aline different tracks to get to the goal.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

How many milliseconds are in a year?

Two nights ago, my brother Jasper asked me how many milliseconds are in a year. I just had to find out so I took out my pencil and paper and started solving. I put all of my problems together in to one big problem. Here is the problem I used. I started with how many days are in a year.

                     x        24  
                 +         7300
                     x          60
                   +      525600
                      x            60
                     +   3153000
                  x            1000
                +  3153000000       

                                                           So over all there are 3,153,000,000 milliseconds in a year.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Minecraft instructions 2

I am going to tell you how to make four more things in minecraft. (note, you will have to use your crafting table to make all these things.)

#1. How to make a dispenser. First using your crafting space in your crafting table, out line the whole out side of the crafting space with cobble stone except for the bottom middle square. In the center of the space put a bow. In the bottom middle square put redstone dust. Then you have a dispenser. when triggered it will shoot out items.

#2. How to make a jukebox. First out line the whole crafting space in wooden planks. Then put a diamond gem in the middle. You can insert discs into it and it will play music.

#3. How to make a bed. First line the bottom of your crafting space with wood planks. Then line the middle with wool.

#4. How to make a enchantment table. First line the bottom and middle spaces of your crafting space with obsidian. Than on the two middle side squares put diamond gems. On the top middle square put a book. Use the enchantment table to enchant any weapon.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Minecraft Instructions

I am going to tell you how to make four things on mine craft.

#1. How to make obsidian. Make a hole in the ground. Fill it with lava. Then, put water on the lava and it turns into obsidian.

#2. How to make a crafting table. Chop down trees and collect the wood. Then make wood planks. Put  four wood planks on all four crafting spaces in your inventory. Then you have a crafting table.

#3. How to make wood planks. Put one block of wood in any section of your inventory crafting space. you will automatically get four wood planks.

#4. How to make a nether portal. Put four blocks of obsidian on the ground in a line then stack four up on both sides. Then make a ceiling four long just as you did on the bottom. To activate the portal light the inside with flint and steel.

Monday, February 24, 2014


This is Kirby. She is my favorite character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. She has lots of cool powers. She can eat different character and then spit them back out. When she does that she has the powers of the character she ate. She also has the ability to puff up in to a ball and fly in order to escape other players attacks or  get over high walls. She can also punch really really fast. When she hits someone her punch gets stronger. She also has a hammer. She can use it to launch other players out of the land you are playing in and kill them. She also has a sword. She can use it to defend herself and attack other players. She can use her special power to get out a giant cooking pot and cook the other players.  


This is Meta Knight. He is Kirby's enemy. He is very powerful. He can turn invisible and then teleport himself. He can also turn in to a tornado and inflict lots of damage on the other players. He can also fly using his giant wings. When he uses his sword he can make Kirby not be able to eat him.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Leavenworth 2013 + Bend 2013

This year in Leavenworth we had lots and lots of fun. We brought our Wii. That is basically what I did the whole time we were there. I really liked the game mario kart. Grandma and Grandpa brought a gigantic box of cup o noodles. That is good because I love cup o noodles. I set everybody up with headphones and ipods and we all listened to adventures in odyssey the whole way there! Cousins really liked mario kart too. Dada is really good at it. We also went to Bend this year. It was pretty fun except for the fact that while we were there we all got sick. While we were there we had christmas 2.0! It was basically just christmas all over again but it was still fun! We brought the Wii to bend too, and Mr. Steve brought three new games! My favorite is legends of zelda twilight princess. I had lots of fun on our vacations this year. I hope its this fun next year!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

 Christmas was very exciting this year. On christmas eve we all slept in the same room.

In the morning we all waited at the bottom of the stairs until Dada brought us the cake. Then we all sang happy birthday to Jesus while coming up the stairs.

Nonnie and Poppie are always there to see us on the computer.

Then after breakfast it was time to open stockings! We all got lights that were flashlights, glow sticks and whistles!

 We all got a hat that looked like a mushroom! Little did we know how much it would go along with our last present.

 The scavenger hunt is always our favorite part of  christmas. We always have to follow clues to find where our biggest present is.

 This year we got a wii! We were all very exited.

 We also got lots of games to go with it! Our favorite is Mario Kart.

We spent most of the rest of the day playing wii. We had a very awesome christmas.