Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I told you I was a genius!

I told you I was a genius! That is the saying I made up when I was about six. Now I say it all the time!

My little brother Berg likes it. So now whenever I say, "I'm a genius.", he says, "No, I'm a genius!"

I even made up songs about it! Here, I will teach you one. (Try to sing this to Who Let The Dogs Out.)

I I I I I am a genius! I I I I I am a genius! I I I I I am a genius!

Do you like it? I made it up my self.

By the way this is me a couple years ago. I just thought this picture was more genius like. Don't you think I'm a genius?

Monday, September 17, 2012


 I am going to tell you about some of our stuff. These are our binoculars.
This is our bumbo seat. 
This is one of our baby toys. 
 This is one of Dada's shoes.
 This is the opposite of a solar powered light.
 This is our jumpy seat.
 This is our tiny bird house.
 This is our family schedule.
 This is the front (er is it back?) door.
 This is our kitchen aid.
 This is our coffee pot.
 This is our cooker thingymabob.
 This is one of our tea pots.
 This is our trash can.
 This is our menu.
 This is our picture wall.
 This is our ball bowl.
 These are our candles.
 These are our toothbrushes.
This is some of our soap.
 This is kivi's toothbrush cover.
And this is me, Kivi, Jasper and Opal's laptop.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Berg Series

This is a series of funny videos of my little brother Berg. He is funny in many different ways. He can copy anything you say. He wants everything you have. He wants you to read him everything you read. He still has double chin. He is very chubby.He loves the ipad. He learns really quick. He can count to ten. He will show (not give,) you anything. He likes to cook. He is very yellable. (Meaning he yells a lot.) He is a very good toddler.