Friday, July 12, 2013

Maker Space

At my computer club we do maker space. We are called young makers. We think of something then we    make it! Wednesday, July 10th, We tried to make a bicycle louder. I had an idea to make a shaker. I made it by filling a jar with buttons and attaching a string to the lid. But we couldn't find a way to attach it to the bike. Yesterday, we tried to make balloon cars. We had to use legos a balloon and a straw. Me and My friend Trevor ran out of time and didn't make car. On tuesday we hake to make balloon blimps.                                     I didn't really know what to do so I just watched. After maker space, we work on our personal projects.  My personal project is a super mario bros game I am making on Scratch. At the very end we have free time. Mr. Kurt unlocks youtube from the internet then. I love maker space.                                    

                                         Click here to go to the Maker Space website!