Thursday, September 26, 2013


I am going to tell you some of my favorite things. I love playing minecraft. My favorite candy is butter finger. I love to play chess. My favorite game is hide and seek. I love to use scratch. My favorite sandwich is egg salad. My favorite color is red. My favorite word is tardis. My favorite craft is perler beads. My favorite food is Raman. My soda is mountain dew. My favorite audio series is adventures in oddessy. My favorite movie is Ratatouille. My favorite ice cream is rocky road. I have told you most of my favorites. Goodbye!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lego Love

Me and Jasper love Legos. We build lots of things with them. We build ships and cars and buildings. We also build with Duplos. Duplos are just like legos but they are bigger. With duplos we build time machines, birds and ships. There are also mega blocks. Mega block are like duplos but they are bigger. With Mega blocks we build Temples and thingumabobs. Legos Duplos and Mega Blocks are very fun. I think legos are the best. They even make  special legos called lego mindstorms. Lego mindstorms Are lego built on to a special lego computer that tells lego motors and sensors what to do. At computer club house we have lots of Mindstorms. Each year we enter the lego mindstorm contest. Once you enter the contest they send you a box. Inside the box is a mat a bunch of lego parts and instructions. With the lego parts and the instructions you build courses for your robot. Then you have to make a robot that fits one of the courses. To win the contest you have to succeed on each course perfectly.
These are legos.
These are duplos.

These are mega blocks.

This is a Lego mindstorm