Friday, April 17, 2015

Minecraft instructions 10

Today I will teach you how to make a pressure plate activated piston door. First, put two cobblestone towers, two blocks high each right next to each other. Then on the long side of your wall, with the sticky facing the cobblestone, put two sticky pistons one on top of the other, one block away. Then put a block of cobblestone on the back of the top piston and right underneath that, a redstone torch. Repeat this on the other side. Then starting at the torch, dig a two block deep trench outward and then to the side. Make sure that there is a step between the torch and the turn. After that, fill the trench with redstone wire. Then put two blocks on the top layer of the trench right in front of the door. On top of those put pressure plates. Then you can cover up all of the other mechanics. Now when you step on the pressure plate, your wall opens up.

Friday, April 10, 2015

New Changes

There are lots of new changes that we are doing to our house right now. First of all one of our biggest changes is we are replacing the wall that used to separate the living room and stairs from the boys room. When we took it out we turned the master bedroom into a dining/homeschool room and stored all of the old wall boards inside of a hollow space inside of a different wall, because we knew that if we moved, nobody would want to buy a two bedroom house. Now we finally took out all of the boards and rebuilt the wall. It now looks like it was never taken out. Now the master bedroom is back and Mama and Dada sleep in it for now. We moved the dining room table in to the livingroom and moved the living room carpet into the Mama and Dada Room. The we got a new smaller carpet and moved it in to the livingroom. Then, we put half of the living room furniture into the downstairs room and half into the livingroom to make room for the table. Now that Mama and Dada's bed is not in the downstairs room, we moved the Wii into the boys room with the little tv. We also built an extra wall in Mama and Dada's room so that instead of having a door to a little closet, there is a big, walk in closet. We also recently repainted the whole house a greenish color that Dada likes. We also painted the mother in law and shed and garage the same color.