Friday, February 22, 2013

The gocart

 I love the go-cart. It is super fun.
 It can go really fast! But sometimes the brakes get unhooked.

 When I drive it I like to go at its full speed. Dada says its full speed is about two miles an hour.
 Jasper loves the go-cart. Whenever I go really fast he says, "My eyeballs are frozen!"

 When ever I stop he goes really far down in his seat. Then I have to park the go-cart in the right position so that the next people don't crash at first.

 Kivi likes to go fast sometimes. She is a little scared that she will crash.
But afterwards she loves it! The go-cart is great.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge 2013

We went to Great Wolf Lodge again! But at first we missed the exit so... we got to have dinner while watching Wreck it Ralph!

Finally we got to Great Wolf Lodge. We went to the water park first.

The water slides were awesome! My favorite was the Tornado!

There were also mini water slides on a giant water fort! They were smaller than the Tornado.

After that we did Magi Quest! This is us getting a mission.

When we waved our wands at the mission tree this is what our title screen looked like. Our team name  was the Magic Four. (Minus one. Opal left the game.)

Opal's favorite thing to wave her wand at was this book. This is what it said, "Once upon a time there was a brave magi. Stuff happened, blah blah blah, the end. Go to bed." 

This is me lighting up a star with my wand .

This is me lighting up the word "communication" with my wand.

This is us becoming Master Magi!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


  Minecraft is my favorite computer game. I am going to tell you about it. This is a creeper.
 This is a wooden plank.
 This is wood from a short pine tree.
 This is a lever.
 This is my favorite brick, TNT
 This is a pig.
 This is normal glass.
 This is a sheep.
 This is a bed.
 This is a door.
 This is a crafting table.
 This is a sign.
 This is a furness.
 This is rare obsidian.
 This is falling sand.
 This is a chest.
 This is a dispenser.
 This is a ladder.
 This is a flower.
 This is hard cobblestone.
 This is an apple.
 This is a chicken.
 This is golden gold.
 This is blue lazuie.
This is a skeleton.
 This is a bucket.
This is flint and steel.
This is fiery fire. 
 This is a cactus.
 This is a stick.
 This is a piston.
This is a bookshelf. 
 This is a normal minecraft block.
 This is a zombie pigman.
This is a enderman. 
 This is a trap door.
 This is a diamond.
 This is a diamond sword.
 This is a diamond pickaxe.
 This is redstone.
 This is a torch.
This is a zombie. 
This is hot lava. There are lots more things to show but I think that is enough, don't you?