Tuesday, February 5, 2013


  Minecraft is my favorite computer game. I am going to tell you about it. This is a creeper.
 This is a wooden plank.
 This is wood from a short pine tree.
 This is a lever.
 This is my favorite brick, TNT
 This is a pig.
 This is normal glass.
 This is a sheep.
 This is a bed.
 This is a door.
 This is a crafting table.
 This is a sign.
 This is a furness.
 This is rare obsidian.
 This is falling sand.
 This is a chest.
 This is a dispenser.
 This is a ladder.
 This is a flower.
 This is hard cobblestone.
 This is an apple.
 This is a chicken.
 This is golden gold.
 This is blue lazuie.
This is a skeleton.
 This is a bucket.
This is flint and steel.
This is fiery fire. 
 This is a cactus.
 This is a stick.
 This is a piston.
This is a bookshelf. 
 This is a normal minecraft block.
 This is a zombie pigman.
This is a enderman. 
 This is a trap door.
 This is a diamond.
 This is a diamond sword.
 This is a diamond pickaxe.
 This is redstone.
 This is a torch.
This is a zombie. 
This is hot lava. There are lots more things to show but I think that is enough, don't you?


  1. Eben,
    You are getting pretty good at posting pictures on your blog. It must take you a long time. I've never heard of Minecraft before. It reminds me of Legos. My favorite from the ones you posted is the sheep and chicken (which I think looks more like a duck). I also like the zombie pigman. But mostly I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

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  3. Hey Eben, I was your mom's friend, Kelly McG. Vincent is my son. Your mom posted about your blog a while back, so I told Vincent who was looking for some kid blogs. He has enjoyed reading your blog! Keep up the good work kiddo, please tell your mom hello from me :-)