Monday, September 29, 2014

Minecraft instructions 8

Today I will tell you how to make a good library. First you make a big house. If you want to, you can put windows in the house. Then you need some bookshelves, but first, you need to know how to make some books. To make a book, first you put leather in the middle of the bottom row of your crafting space. Then you put feathers above it, to the left of it and in the left of the middle row. To get leather, just kill a cow. To get a feather just kill a chicken. Then to make a bookshelf, fill the top row with wooden planks, the middle row with books, and the bottom row with wooden planks. Then after you have made lots of bookshelves, outline the whole room with them. Also, most people put an enchanting table in their library. You can also make a book and quill. To make it, put a book in the left of the middle row, an ink sack in the middle and a feather in the middle of the bottom row. Some people make super fancy libraries with gigantic chandeliers and rows and rows of books. But I am just telling you how to make a simple library. Now try to make it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Annie Schron and the mystery of the exploding guitar part 3

Annie was astonished. "You!" she exclaimed.
"Yes," he chuckled, "It's me."
"All right!" said Annie, "Why did you want me here?"
"Simple Annie, Simple," he said. "To trap you of course.  Just say the magic word."
"That's it." Then suddenly, everything went black.


Annie woke up. She looked around. She was in a prison cell. A large prison cell. "What happened?" she wondered. Outside of her cell was a guitar. Then it started to hiss. It hissed louder and louder and then it exploded. And in its place stood none other than the purple hooded man.

                                                           TO BE CONTINUED

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Annie Schron and the mystery of the exploding guitar part two

Annie went to Ricochet street. She had never seen Ricochet street before, but she knew where it was because random bouncy balls were forever ricocheting of of everything there. Now all she had to do was find Grump. Then she realized something. There were two Grumps on Ricochet street! On one side there was "Guitars Run Under Monkey Protection" and on the other side there was "Great Runners Usually Miss Potatoes"! She thought and thought and thought, when suddenly she realized something. She realized that the title of this book is "Annie Schron and the mystery of the exploding guitar". And that means that the shop she wants is probably "Guitars Run Under Monkey Protection". So that's were she went. After getting hit with a few dozen bouncy balls, she finally made it to the store. In side the store there was every size and shape of guitar. And all of them were constantly getting polished and waxed by monkeys. Then she noticed that one of the guitars was starting to hiss. It hissed louder and louder and louder and then it exploded. And in it's place was none other then the purple hooded man.

                                             TO BE CONTINUED...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Tangled Week

Last week we had Tangled Thursday and Saturday. Some parts of it were fun but some parts of it were boring. Kivi and I each made a schedule and had to follow it for those two days. This was my final schedule.

  • 6:30              Wake Up
  • 6:35              Make Breakfast
  • 6:40              Eat Breakfast
  • 7:00              Sweep
  • 7:02              Polish and Wax
  • 7:05              Laundry
  • 7:08              Mop
  • 7:11              Shine Up
  • 7:13              Sweep
  • 8:15              Read
  • 9:00              Paint
  • 9:30              Play Piano
  • 10:00            Knit
  • 10:30            Cook
  • 11:00             Lunch
  • 11:30             Puzzles
  • 12:00             Darts
  • 12:30             Baking
  • 1:00               Paper Mâché
  • 1:30               Ballet
  • 1:31               Chess
  • 2:01               Pottery
  • 2:31               Ventriloquy
  • 2:40               Candle Making
  • 3:00               Stretch
  • 3:01               Sketch
  • 3:16               Climb
  • 3:31               Sew
  • 3:46               Read
  • 4:16               Paint
  • 4:31               Brush Hair 

Rapunzel got all of her chores done in 15 minutes! She must have really wanted to play. She never ate breakfast though, so she must have been hungry. She also should have thought about doing ballet before she got wound up in her hair. Also, when she was playing chess, she moved out her king just to take out a rook which wasn't a very good move. Also, it would of been impossible to make as many candles as she did. Especially in just a couple of minutes! Also, she couldn't of painted all of those suns in her room if she didn't even know that she was the lost princess. Also, it would of taken forever to brush all of her hair in that short amount of time. Also, while she was brushing her hair she got it completely tangled up in all of the rafters. Her schedule was just one big impossible mess.