Friday, November 8, 2013

Harvest Carnival

This year for harvest carnival we dressed up as the lion the witch and the wardrobe. I dressed up as Peter. Kivi dressed up as Susan. Jasper dressed up as Edmund. Opal dressed up as Lucy. Berg dressed up as Mr. Tumnas. Pella dressed up as Mrs. Beaver. Mama dressed up as the White
witch. And Dada dressed up as Aslan. We got lots of candy. We did the cup cake walk too. When we got home we dumped all our candy on to the floor and made it in to one giant pile. Then we sorted all the candy into each kind. Then Dada called out our names. If your name got called, you got to pick a candy.
 This is all of our costumes.

 This is Mr. Tumnas.

 This is Mrs. Beaver.

 This is me, aka peter.

 This is Edmund.

 This is Susan.

 This is Lucy.

 This is me playing the roll a ball game.

 This is Aslan and the white witch.

 This is us sorting our candy.

This is me putting candy in the right piles. 
This is the white witch. (Who is actually very scary.)