Thursday, January 31, 2013

What we learned in India : How to play chess

Last week in India we learned how to play chess.
This is how thy board is set up.

This is the rook. It can move up, down, left and right as shown.

This is the bishop. It can move diagonally as shown.

This is the queen. It can move in all ways as shown. 

 This is the knight. It can move in "L"s as shown.

 The small ones that are out are called pawns. They can move one or two forward on their first move, but for the     
rest of their moves they can only move one forward as shown. They can only attack diagonally though.

This is the king. It can move wherever it wants just like the queen, but only one space at a time.

That is how the pieces move and the setup of the board. Now you can play! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Christmas, yeah!

It's Christmas eve! Tomorrow is Christmas! 
It's Christmas time! We always have to wait down stairs and then come up when everything is ready!

At the top of the stairs we always hold the cake and sing happy birthday to Jesus. The cake always has a manger scene on top!

After we sing happy birthday we always read Luke 2. I like that part.

We had tons of presents this year! Usually we only have half this many!

 Our stockings were full too! (They were mostly full of candy.)

Bergs stocking was almost as big as him! He loved it a lot.

Finally its present time! We were really excited!

 Jasper and I got Legos! I got the swamp monster kind.

Here is a video of us opening up our stockings.