Tuesday, January 19, 2016

House Mat

Once upon a time, there was a mat. The mat was in a house. The house was in Antarctica. The mat went over to the window. It tried to climb out. He reached it easily. Unfortunately, it was not a window that opened. So it crawled over to the door. The door opened. The mat went out. He met a man named Amram. Amram made the mat his slave. While he was there, he met someone named Jochebed. She let him out. So the mat went outside. Where he got struck by lighting. The lightning caused him to fly into the sky. He flew all the way to India. In India he got turned into a carpet. The carpet went over to a basket to sleep in. The basket had a snack in it. the carpet ate the snack. The basket also had a snake in it. The snake bit the carpet. Its tooth got stuck in his thread. As the carpet ran away, he slowly unwound. When he stopped running, he was a mat again. The mat went into a bar. He got punched in the face. The mat went out of the bar. The mat went to a desert. There was a trampoline in the desert. The mat bounced on the trampoline. The mat kept jumping on the trampoline. By now, you have read enough of this story to figure out that after he jumped enough, he would bounce away to another far of country. He didn't. He just kept bouncing until he got bored. Then he got off of the trampoline. And for all I know, he is still in India to this day. The End.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mystery Lists

  1. Actinium
  2. Aluminum
  3. Antimony
  4. Argon
  5. Arsenic
  6. Astatine
  7. Barium
  8. Beryllium
  9. Bismuth
  10. Boron
  11. Bromine
  12. Cadmium
  13. Calcium
  14. Carbon
  15. Cerium
  16. Cesium
  17. Chlorine
  18. Chromium
  19. Cobalt
  20. Copper
  21. Dysprosium
  22. Erbium
  23. Europium Fluorine Francium
  24. Gadolinium
  25. Gallium
  26. Germanium
  27. Gold
  28. Hafnium
  29. Helium
  30. Hydrogen
  31. Indium
  32. Iodine
  33. Iridium
  34. Iron
  35. Krypton
  36. Lanthanum
  37. Lead
  38. Lithium
  39. Lutetium
  40. Magnesium
  41. Manganese
  42. Mercury
  43. Molybdenum
  44. Neodymium
  45. Neon
  46. Nickel
  47. Niobium
  48. Nitrogen
  49. Osmium
  50. Oxygen
  51. Palladium
  52. Phosphorus
  53. Platinum
  54. Potassium
  55. Promethium
  56. Protactinium
  57. Radium
  58. Radon
  59. Rhenium
  60. Rhodium
  61. Rubidium
  62. Ruthenium
  63. Samarium
  64. Scandium
  65. Selenium
  66. Silicon
  67. Silver
  68. Sodium
  69. Strontium
  70. Sulfur
  71. Tantalum
  72. Tellurium
  73. Terbium
  74. Thorium
  75. Thallium
  76. Tin
  77. Titanium
  78. Tungsten
  79. Uranium
  80. Vanadium
  81. Xenon
  82. Ytterbium
  83. Yttrium
  84. Zinc
  85. Zirconium

  1. Boston, Massachusetts
  2. Attleboro, Massachusetts
  3. Paris, France
  4. Vienna, Austria
  5. Salzburg, Austria
  6. Venice, Italy
  7. Tokyo, Japan
  8. Seoul, South Korea
  9. Cairo, Egypt
  10. Volgograd, Russia
  11. Moscow, Russia
  12. St. Petersburg, Russia
  13. Yekaterinburg, Russia
  14. Melbourne, Australia
  15. Sydney, Australia
  16. Jakarta, Indonesia
  17. Johannesburg, South Africa
  18. Beijing, China
  19. The Bahamas
  20. Kingston, Jamaica
  21. London, England
  22. Cahill Island, Ireland
  23. Monte Carlo, Monaco
  24. Casablanca, Morocco
  25. Zurich, Switzerland
  26. Florence, Italy
  27. Rome, Italy
  28. Lucerne, Switzerland
  29. Basel, Switzerland
  30. Prague, Czech Republic
  31. Turkey
  32. Samarkand, Uzbekistan
  33. Berlin, Germany
  34. Timbuktu, Mali
  35. Syracuse, Italy
  36.  New Haven, Connecticut
  37. Yale, Connecticut
  38. Iguazu Falls, Brazil
  39. New York City, New York
  40. Washington DC
  41. Rockies, Colorado

Friday, January 8, 2016

December Fun!

This December was very fun. I am going to tell you about what we did this December.

Dec. 1

We got to decorate the Christmas tree! While everyone put the general decorations on, Jasper and I went to computer clubhouse, and I learned how to use the 3D printer and became the highest ranking member in the clubhouse. When we got home, I got to put the star on the tree.


Dec. 4

Me and Berg got haircuts.  :(  I didn't really want to but dada insisted that I did. I liked it better when I had long hair.

Dec. 5

I got to be a server at the women's Christmas brunch! It was really fun. I was serving table 16, Miss Gina, our old preschool teacher's table.

We also made an awesome laser tag arena in our basement. Everybody had some sort of nerf gun or bow, and if you got hit five times you were out. We put glow sticks on all of the barriers and had awsome music playing in the background. Their was a big beachball on a stand in the middle. Their were two teams, red team, and white team, and two players per team. If one team could get all of the players on the other team out, or shoot the ball off of the stand in the middle, then their team wins.

Dec. 7-8

We went to Portland!
Dada's friend B Dog, gave us the keys to his wife's dad's house, while he was away. While we were their, we went to this awesome place called Slappy Cakes, where you order pancake batter and toppings, and then you cook your own pancakes on the grill in the middle of your table! It was super fun! Then, the next day, we went to Powells, the biggest bookstore in the world! It is now my favorite store. But even Powells didn't have all the books in my favorite series, The 39 Clues, which has 5 whole series, inside the main series!

Dec. 9

We went to our friends the Holmes house, for a poetry tea party. It was really fun! Earlier, we had all written our own Christmas poems, and we all read them to everybody.

Dec. 10-15
We made our Christmas movies! Mine was called Bill's Invention, and Kivi's was called Kivi's 2015 Christmas Nativity By Mary played by Opal. Strange name, I know. I can't get them on youtube yet, so I can't show them. But I will soon!

Dec. 18
Gingerbread house day!  We invited all of our friends over, and we all decorated Gingerbread houses together. I did the sheep pen and just filled it up with frosting and skittles.

Dec. 19
Dada rented out a theater at the AMC, and we watched Starwars 7 with all of our friends! Almost everybody dressed up, and it was super fun! We set up a breakfast table with doughnuts and fruit, and we all watched Starwars bad lip reading before the movie started! I invented awesome light sabers for everyone! I dressed up as Boba Fett, Kivi was Padme, Jasper was Old Obi-wan-kanobi, Berg was Anikin, Opal was Luke Skywalker's Aunt Beru, Mama was Pregnant Padame, and Dada was Darth Vader. It was super fun!

Dec. 20
Family Pageant day! Every year, Mama sets up a family pageant at our church. Everybody dresses up as a nativity character, and Dada plays songs on his guitar. This year, I was a camel.

Dec. 24
Christmas Eve! We all had to do our math corrections, and then, that night, we opened up our Christmas Jamies! This year they were a reindeer pattern.

Dec. 25
Christmas Day! First, Mama got all of us out of bed, and we all went out into the living room and sat on the couch with Dada to read Luke 2. After that, we all opened Stockings. Every year, Dada fills our stockings with lots of snacks and stuff! After that we all had breakfast! It was really good! We had holiday bread from Panara. Then, we opened presents from under the tree! The girls got me a video recorder, and I just figured out how to use it. Jasper Berg and I, got Kivi a clock that projects the time on the wall. We were really exited that Mama and Dada got us all matching Nerf Guns for laser tag! We got lots of other cool stuff to, but one of our favorites was the basement! All week, Dada had been working on a secret project down there, so we weren't allowed to go downstairs at all. It turned out, Dada had mounted the projector on the ceiling, and put in new ceiling speakers, so we had awesome surround sound! Then, after lunch, we did our annual Christmas scavenger hunt! Every year, Dada hides a bunch of clues around the house, all leading to the big awesome present! But one of the clues, he had shoved into a crack in the bottom of the table, and it got stuck! It took a least 10 minutes to get it out, and Dada had to take apart the table to get it out! We finally found the presents in the van, and we all helped carry them inside! Mama got a Sqatty Potty, which she had been wanting ever since she saw the add with the pooping unicorn, the girls got Nonnie's dollhouse, which they had been wanting ever since they laid eyes on it 5 years ago. I have never seen Kivi more exited. Then the boys got the Death Star 2 Lego Set! And the best part is, we got it for free! It was so awesome! I just finished it, yesterday on 1.6.16. It is HUGE!

Dada Taking apart the table.

The Girls unwrapping their dollhouse.

This December was really fun.