Monday, December 17, 2012

Gingerbread houses!

It's finally gingerbread house time! We did they nativity again. But this time we did a few changes. The first is Joseph's house. (On the top left corner.) The second is the flower shop. (The little thing next to the stable.)
Me and my city gates. (I kind of over loaded the candy on top.)

Here is Kivi and her inn. (The doorbell system was really cool!)

Jasper and his Joseph's house. He said I could have all of his green candy and all of his red candy! (Which is basically all of his candy.) I am thankful for him.
 Opal and her stable.
 Everybody and their gingerbread houses! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Nativity - trailer

I made my own movie! But this time I made a trailer for it! The trailer is super cool. You will want to watch it over and over again! It has an adventure theme. You are going to love it! It is the greatest thing I have ever made! In fact, You can watch it right now! Go ahead! Maybe you will learn something about Jesus!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Forts and Jasper

Jasper and forts seem to be related.  Jasper always seems to be building them. Forts seem to always have a Jasper in them. Forts have four simple ingredients. Chairs, blankets, pillows and books. Sometimes we build forts that take up a small part of the living room. Sometimes we build forts that take up a little more of the living room. Sometimes we build forts that take up half the living room. Sometimes we even build forts that take up the whole living room! Forts are super fun. We even figured out how to build an up stairs! If he were allowed to Jasper would build a fort every day. I am the one who comes up with how big the forts should be. We just love forts.