Tuesday, April 29, 2014


My favorite toy is called a perplexus. It is a super cool 3D marble maze that is inside a sphere. You have to tilt the ball and put it in to the start lane. Then you role it around the track. If you fall off then you have to start over. The first time I saw one I didn't know that there was a start so I just kept shaking the ball until the marble got onto a track. I shook it for at least half an hour until my friend Elijah showed me that there was a start. There are four different kinds of perplexus.

This is the original perplexus.

 This is the rookie perplexus. It is the easiest one.

 This is the epic perplexus. It has the most traps.

This is the perplexus twist. It is the hardest one. You have to twist the two knobs on the sides to aline different tracks to get to the goal.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

How many milliseconds are in a year?

Two nights ago, my brother Jasper asked me how many milliseconds are in a year. I just had to find out so I took out my pencil and paper and started solving. I put all of my problems together in to one big problem. Here is the problem I used. I started with how many days are in a year.

                     x        24  
                 +         7300
                     x          60
                   +      525600
                      x            60
                     +   3153000
                  x            1000
                +  3153000000       

                                                           So over all there are 3,153,000,000 milliseconds in a year.