Friday, June 24, 2016


One day, there was a flish. The flish was a very smish flish, and it had a dish. On the dish, the flish served kish to pish. That same day, there was a pish. The pish was at the local mish, and it was being served kish from a flish. This particular flish was very rish. It served kish like a shish, and was nice to the pish. The pish liked the flish, so the pish gave the flish some zish. The flish liked the zish, so the flish liked the pish. The pish went to the flish and said nish. The flish went to the pish and said nish. The pish and the flish were yish.

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  1. Eben,
    If Grunk and Lunk went Kerplunk, do you think they would have stunk? I don't know, but, when they get tired they can sleep in their bunk and then in the morning go for a swim and get dunked. Grunk is a real hunk, but Lunk collects a lot of junk. Maybe he should be a munk. But if not, he can go on a ship and try not to get sunk. I love you soooooooooooooooo much!